Jess Sampson

Jess has 11 years of practical on farm agronomic consultancy experience as well as a university level academic agronomic education. Her specialisations in pasture agronomy, seed and trial management means she is well versed in new seed varieties right through to on farm practical solutions to address crop pressures. Whilst Jess is not on farm or at work, she is hanging out with her teenage Sons, fishing, preserving foods or baking!

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How to Control Summer Weeds

Dec 19, 2022

by Jess Sampson

In a year where we have seen well above average rainfall and widespread flooding across the country, it is important to manage your summer weeds. On the east coast, we expect to see a significant weed seed carry over into 2023 and beyond. Uncontrolled weeds can have many ongoing effects, including c

Oct 10, 2022

by Jess Sampson

Mother Nature has thrown Aussie farmers another curveball. With recent strong winds, storms and heavy rain across the east coast, harvest won't come easy this year. Recent weather events combined with higher than average expected yields — resulting in heavy heads — means we should be on the lookout

Oct 07, 2022

by Jess Sampson

More than 1.3 mmt (million metric tonnes) of sorghum is grown each year in Australia, and a majority of that is grown in Northern NSW & QLD. Grain sorghum in Australia is mainly grown on heavy clay soils with a high water holding capacity. Growing sorghum as part of a rotation can play an important

Aug 25, 2022

by Jess Sampson

Crops require trace elements to grow, thrive and survive, but only in small amounts. As a result, these are often overlooked when we are looking at our yearly crop inputs. A healthy addition of trace elements is just as important for producing profitable crops as nitrogen and phosphorus, especially

Jun 02, 2022

by Jess Sampson

In a wet season it is really important to keep an eye on our crops' nutrition program. Many of the micronutrients our crops require can be easily leached in wet years. This can result in stunted crops, lower yields or lower protein and oil percentages in crops. Boron  Boron is a micronutrient that p