Climate in Ag Summit with FBN® and NASA Harvest at Farmer2FarmerVI [Videos]

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Jan 13, 2023

This panel was originally presented live at Farmer2FarmerVI in Omaha, NE.

In this series of videos, gain perspective on the impact of climate shifts in agriculture from leading experts in the industry.

SESSION 1: How to Maintain Farm Profitability Despite Weather Volatility 

Welcome to the Conservation Age. This session will make the business case for adopting more data-driven conservation practices across your farming operation without sacrificing long-term profitability. What markets are evolving to pay for climate-smart practices?

Is Weather More Volatile? What Will it Look Like in the Next Decade? 

Michael Grieve, Senior Data Scientist at dClimate 

Destination Conservation: Sustainability and Profitability Across a Moving Landscape 

Laura Gentry PhD, Director of Water Quality Science, Precision Conservation Management 

Roundtable: Corporate Perspectives on Climate-based Initiatives 

Midwest Poultry Services - A Path to Net Neutral Eggs  

SESSION 2: The Future of Irrigation with NASA and FBN Research

In this session, we will focus on how critical farmer engagement is in shaping the frontier of today’s digital agricultural revolution. We’ll also delve into recent weather related events and their impacts on commodity pricing.

Infrastructure Impacts from Climate Change: An Examination of the Mississippi River

Kevin McNew, FBN Chief Economist 

From Farm to Space: How Farmers Are Shaping NASA’s Agricultural Priorities

Mary Mitkish, Assistant Program Manager, NASA Harvest 

NASA Does That? A Space-Based Approach to Water Resource Management 

Sarah Brennan, Deputy Program Manager, Water Resources and Agriculture, NASA

SESSION 3: How to Prepare Your Operation for a Changing Climate 

As severe weather events increase, we’ll look at ways to assess the impacts on agricultural production and potential mitigation. What exists today, and what will the future look like for market-based solutions? Are farmers feeling the effects of climate change and a shift in attitudes toward climate change?

From Past to Present: Shifts in U.S. Agricultural Landscapes 

Xiaopeng Song Phd, Assistant Professor, UMD

Preparing U.S. Agriculture to Deal with Climate Change

Eileen McLellan, Lead Senior Scientist, Environmental Defense Fund

Green Hydrogen and Ammonia: Implications for US Farmers

Michael Reese, Director, Renewable Energy, University of Minnesota 

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Jan 13, 2023

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