4 Must-See Panels on the Schedule for Farmer2Farmer V

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Nov 01, 2019

At Farmer2Farmer V, you’ll have the opportunity to sit face-to-face with leaders and innovators across the ag industry. We’re putting together an exciting schedule with more than 40 interactive sessions, workshops and trainings to support and strengthen your farm operation throughout the year.

Join Us in Omaha December 11-13!

Come learn alongside thousands of farmers across the U.S. and Canada as we explore cutting-edge topics like putting data-backed insights to work on your farm, sustainability practices, transitioning acres to organic and more.

Four Sessions You Won’t Want to Miss

Here’s a quick snapshot of four panel discussions to catch in Omaha on December 11-13: 

Conventional Seeds - Maximizing Seed ROI

At the end of the day, high-priced seed is just high-priced seed. Discover how you can save on input costs and increase your potential profit per acre by growing conventional crops next season. Hear from FBN Head of Seed Ron Wulfkuhle and a panel of farmers who are reaping the benefits of planting conventional seeds.

YouTube Revolution! The Rise of Farmer2Farmer Media

The revolution will be user-generated! YouTube has created a unique space for farmers to connect, learn from each other and show the world what farming is all about. In the process, farmers have reached way beyond the ag world and brought their farm stories into millions of homes around the world. Hear from leading farmers on YouTube and how they’ve flipped ag communication on its head.

Hemp—Creating the Next Great Crop

Industrial hemp, distinct from the cannabis strain grown for use as marijuana, can offer significant profit potential for farmers. Learn more from industry experts about growing hemp, its uses—from paper to textiles to biodegradable plastics—and future implications for farmers.

Insurance 2020 - USDA RMA & Farm Program Outlook

Gain insight into the evolution of crop insurance and its impact on the ag industry, and see what’s new for farmers in 2020. This interactive panel discussion with economists, experts and RMA leadership will provide you with greater crop insurance knowledge as you head into the next growing season.

Get Ready to Beat the Odds

Farmer2Farmer V is the perfect setting for you to learn from ag industry leaders on practices and trends that matter to you and your operation’s profit potential. And by putting this sort of knowledge to work on your farm and teaming up with a network 8,500 farmers strong, you can beat the odds. Don’t miss out on this opportunity—sign up for Farmer2Farmer V today.

FBN Network

Nov 01, 2019