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Farmers Business Network is dedicated to helping Family Farmers maximize their farm’s profit potential with a data and technology enabled direct-to-farm commerce, community and sustainability platform that redefines value and convenience.

Reduce Production Costs

Great value farm products and services delivered direct to farm.

Maximize Revenue Potential

Cutting edge marketing and risk management services to help maximize the value of your crops.

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Data-backed, farm-tested insights and our global farmer community to help make confident decisions that improve the bottom line.

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Shopping for farm inputs just got a lot easier

Convenient online shopping and timely direct-to-farm delivery. Great value and transparent nationwide list prices on a wide range of high performing inputs. And data-backed insights on farm inputs from a trusted farmer network.
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Compare Prices And Save When You Shop

Browse thousands of products such as farm chemicals, seed, livestock feed and more at highly competitive prices.

Crop Protection

Quality Herbicides, Insecticides and Fungicides at a fair price


Seed developed to maximize ROI — from conventional to organic and traited varieties


Get the most out of your crop protection


Great value livestock pharmaceuticals and feed products


Providing your crop the fuel it needs, when it needs it

Financial Services

Boost Your Operation's Profitability

Take control of your farm's future by focusing on overall profitability and net revenue while limiting your farm's risk.


Land, Equipment, Operating and Margin loan offerings
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Crop Marketing

Grain market advisory and brokerage services
Farm Family


A variety of coverage options to protect your farm and your family

Farmer-Led Sustainability Solutions

With Gradable Carbon™ and direct procurement programs, you have the freedom and flexibility to improve profit potential with sustainable practices that work with your farm.

Gradable Screen


FBN in the News


Biologicals launched on FBN Direct

FBN launches broad portfolio of high quality biological solutions

FBN launches Livestock

FBN expands into livestock offerings of animal feed and health

FBN celebrates 25,000 members

FBN is pleased to announce that its membership community has exceeded 25,000 farmer members globally

Gradable launches Gradable Carbon

Gradable Carbon is a groundbreaking offering that empowers farmers to generate carbon credits

FBN expands into horticulture and speciality crop market

This acquisition of ProAg empowers growers to maximize yield, fruit quality, tailor sugar content and more