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Convenient online shopping and timely direct-to-farm delivery. Great value and transparent nationwide list prices on a wide range of high performing inputs. And data-backed insights on farm inputs from a trusted farmer network.
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Your crop nutrition plans should accomplish the goals of your farm. Gradable Plan offers soil sampling and independent fertility programs that are customized for your farm. Gradable Plan offers modern nutrition programs that can include conventional fertilizer, manure, biologicals and/or cover crops.

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The 10 most innovative companies in data science

From Microsoft to Farmers Business Network, these organizations are harnessing data science to build better products and services.
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ADM, FBN collaborate to expand sustainable ag tech platform

ADM and FBN recently announced an agreement to expand FBN’s digital farm business platform Gradable to 55,000 ADM customers in North America. But what does that mean for farmers and the industry?

FBN invests in and partners with Greeneye herbicide reduction tech

The partnership will combine the FBN's customized crop protection plans with Greeneye's AI-based precision weed spraying system.
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How this AgTech company grew to a multibillion valuation by helping farmers modernize

Listen to Inc.’s Founders Project podcast with Alexa Von Tobel and Amol Deshpande, CEO and co-founder of FBN as they discuss how FBN is helping farmers stay connected.

Best workplaces for innovators 2022: 9 U.S. category standouts

From annual pitch competitions to robust internships, these nine U.S. companies have created infrastructures for innovation, leading to important breakthroughs.
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Is the Amazon of agriculture already here?

Supply chain issues and concerns about sourcing inputs for the 2022 growing season prompted more farmers to try e-commerce for pricing inputs this year as FBN saw an uptick in traffic and sales.
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FBN offering solutions for livestock producers

Iowa's hog producers face many challenges when it comes to making decisions about nutrition, health, and what makes the most sense from an ROI perspective for their operations. Dr. Reed Leiting, Director of Nutrition at FBN offers some advice when it comes to finding solutions for their customers.
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A flock of Black Swans is disrupting 2022

Kevin McNew, chief economist for FBN weighs in on the 2022 growing season and discusses the factors that have upended the ag economy.
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Farmers feel the squeeze of inflation

Higher farm costs could help push up grocery bills further in 2022, analysts say, following a year in which global food prices rose to decade highs.
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How did FBN do the impossible and source glyphosate?

As other ag retailers navigate a turbulent supply scenario for the 2022 planting season, FBN’s glyphosate supplies are in a good position.

Podcast: Can farmers use tech to take on Big Ag companies?

FBN is one of the seminal disruptors in agriculture. Founded in 2014 by Charles Baron and Amol Deshpande, FBN's crowdsourced platform has challenged Big Ag companies.
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FBN leaps into Spray Adjuvant, Crop Nutrition Market

FBN has launched a new lineup of adjuvants and crop nutrition products under its new private label brand, “Farmers First."
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Winter wheat yields predicted to plummet

Wheat farmers are doing their best to grow their wheat crop, but many outside forces are rallying against them this season. Variable weather patterns mix with increased production inputs, inflation and a war to add to the uncertainty for the wheat industry.

Kansas wheat quality expected to be high despite drop in yield after yearslong drought

Kansas’ wheat quality is estimated to be above average and high in protein this year because of a lack of rain, according to FBN’s senior commodity analyst Rejeana Gvillo following a mid-May wheat tour.
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FBN continues to expand its livestock offerings

FBN continues to expand its offerings for livestock producers with a full lineup of transparently priced, high-ROI products and services.

Gradable launches Gradable Carbon

Gradable Carbon is a groundbreaking offering that empowers farmers to generate carbon credits.