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The Independent Network of Thousands of North America’s Most Advanced Farmers.

The FBN farmer-to-farmer network helps producers level the playing field by creating unprecedented transparency and competition for your business. Better yields, lower costs, and smarter marketing - farming connected is the key to your farm's financial performance.

7,700+ farmers strong
farms strong
Steve Hess - Illinois

Somebody's finally standing up for the farmers. Somebody is finally saying, 'You have some control'.

Steve Hess - Illinois
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Data to Power Your Decisions

Access the world’s largest seed performance database, satellite imagery, yield performance benchmarking, input price transparency, and more.



Analysis, Advice, & Service

Our marketing products are built for a range of farmer needs. Subscribe to our marketing newsletter, execute your own trades, or sign up for a personal advisor.



Seed & Chem That Perform

No haggle, transparent pricing on farm inputs including seed, herbicide, fungicide, adjuvants and more.



Input Purchase Financing

With a straightforward, low-hassle application process, qualified farmers can get input financing approval in as little as 48 hours.

crop insurance

crop insurance

Data Backed Recommendations

Big purchase decisions deserve a diligent analysis. Our Crop Insurance Agents take a data-based approach to coverage recommendations.

health coverage

health coverage

Designed for Farmers

FBN Members have access to healthcare options that may lower your farm’s healthcare costs.

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Steve Pitstick - Illinois

Chad Nelsen - South Dakota

Shane Kyllo - North Dakota

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