How to Implement & Monetize Regenerative Agriculture [Video]

FBN Network

Dec 22, 2022

This panel was originally presented live at Farmer2FarmerVI in Omaha, NE. 

Each of the panelists in this educational Farmer2FarmerVI session is a leader in adopting conservation practices that benefit the long term health and profitability of their farm.

In this session, they discuss both their successes and failures in implementing and monetizing regenerative practices, from trying out new equipment to optimizing cover crop usage to participating in new greenhouse gas markets. Watch the discussion to learn from each farmer’s trials, good and bad, in adopting new soil health practices.

Featured Speakers:

  • Kurt Alles: Senior Manager, Sustainability at FBN®

  • Trey Hill: Harbor View Farms, Rock Hall, Maryland

  • Mike Neff: Decatur Co, Kansas

  • Jamie Scott: Pierceton, Indiana

To learn more about sustainability at FBN, click here.

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FBN Network

Dec 22, 2022

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