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Sep 13, 2022

The Market feature, in the FBN® App, will soon get an update, making it easier to navigate the app and making access key features. With harvest nearing, we especially want you to be aware of these improvements and share with you what's new.

Except for the “Quick Start Buttons” — which every member now sees when they visit Market — the changes below apply to the premium experience our Market Advisory subscribers, and Commercial Partner members (POET, Western Plains) will view. Our team is working hard to upgrade the experience of all our members, with new changes planned for the near future.

Here are some key changes: 

Market Home

You will now start at a newly designed Market Home screen instead of the My Sales screen. Market Home makes it easier to see key information by grouping information into tiles. 

Quick Start Buttons

At the top of the screen, Growers can easily jump to key features by simply tapping a button. 

Delivery Summary

Deliveries, upcoming and recently delivered, are displayed in this tile. Tapping on ‘Due by X date’ will take you to the contracts that require delivery by that specified date. 

Contract Tasks Summary

Provides a convenient way to see upcoming tasks and tapping any of these will bring you what Needs Delivery, Needs Pricing or Needs Signature and requires action. 

Favorite Bids

Favorite Bids are now available at-a-glance where a few of your favorite bids with cash, basis, and futures are displayed. 

Market News

The most recent headlines from our Research Team are displayed. Tapping the story link will take you to the full story in Market Intel. eMail us to request the daily Market Intel summary

More navigation shortcuts

All the Market feature pages now include two easy ways to help with navigation.


In the top left corner are breadcrumbs -- showing where you are, and an easy way to get back to Market Home. Just tap any of the breadcrumbs to quickly navigate there. 

Back Button

When you view details of specific contracts, tickets or settlements you can return to My Sales by tapping this button. 


Current announcements for your location can be viewed at the top right-hand corner of ‘Bids’.

Questions for POET?

Angie Alliss | p: 641.860.4259

Questions for FBN?

Dahn Clemens | p: 605.307.9914

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Sep 13, 2022