Don’t Forget These 3 Pre-Plant Steps

FBN Network

Mar 02, 2023

Are you ready for planting? Follow these three helpful steps to get high quality data this season.

1. Name your farms and fields consistently between your monitor and your FBN® account.

Tip: To make sure everyone on your team uses the same names for consistency across all operators, list out your field names and make sure the list is visible in the cab for everyone to reference.

2. As you start planting on each field, double check to ensure you’ve entered the full seed name with traits into your monitor and that you are successfully recording seeding rate and speed.

Tip: Enter your seed data prior to planting to help FBN better match seeds in your account for analysis later in the season.

3. After planting, transmit planting data to your FBN account by exporting raw data from the monitor and easily uploading it to your account. 

Tip: For more information on importing data, check out FBN FAQs

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FBN Network

Mar 02, 2023

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