8 Ways to Track Your Farm Data Throughout the Season

Brad Roberts

Aug 10, 2022

When you become an FBN® member, you’ll have access to a number of free tools and resources to help you track your farm data throughout the season. 

And as you get busier and busier, using these free tools will not only benefit your productivity, it will help you maximize the profit potential of your operation and better understand what’s happening on your farm. 

Here are eight ways you can be tracking data as a free FBN member. 

1. Track field growth

It’s important to understand how your crops are progressing throughout the season. The best tool to do this is included in your free FBN account. Watch a short demo video to understand how to use satellite imagery and change detection maps within your account. 

2. Get in-season yield prediction*

If you’re like most farmers, you’ll want to gain insight into your field’s yield potential. But how do you determine that? Our in-season Yield Prediction tool uses your own planting data along with historical field data, satellite imagery, weather details and more to give you a more complete picture of what your yield might look like. And throughout the season, the Yield Prediction tool will help you make informed decisions. 

In order to take advantage of the Yield Prediction tool, you need to upload your planting data or add the data as a manual entry within your account. 

This tool can be accessed within the FBN mobile app as well as the “My Reports” section within your member account. These predictions are updated approximately every six days. 

3. Scout your fields

During the course of your growing season, any number of issues can arise, which can include:

  • Pest pressure

  • Plant disease

  • Weather events

Being able to track which areas of your fields are affected can be critical to your in-season defenses.

4. Track maturity and environment

Due to the fact that you’ll likely have different products planted across your operation in varying environments, it’s helpful to have a weather tool at your disposal. The Weather tool can be accessed in your FBN account and allows you to track things like Growing Degree Units (GDU).

Data for the weather tool is pulled from 40,000 weather stations, NOAA and NASA data feeds. It also takes into account data that you’ve uploaded to your account. 

Watch a quick video to learn more about the Weather tool:

5. Keep tabs on farm activities

As the season wears on, you’ll have more and more actions taking place on any of your given fields. One of the easiest ways to track activities like planting, application and scouting activities by date is by utilizing the Timeline feature to quickly review what’s been happening.

6. Collect application data

Collecting and storing all of your data in one centralized location will help you keep track of all of your activities. Collecting and storing all of your data enables you to view map layers for visual analysis options, track activities through the Timeline feature mentioned above, edit tank mix information and gain access to the Strip Trial Report that provides information on a variety of test insights. 

7. Contribute invoices

FBN members have access to tools that help them understand what other members in the network are paying for their products, what they’re paying and what opportunities there may be to secure a similar product for less.** 

But how do you share invoices in order to contribute to the network and share this information with fellow farmers?  This video shows you how to add invoices to your account:

8. Clean up application data

If you upload application data but leave out some of the key details you’ll need later, you have the ability to edit that data with the Application feature. This will ensure you’ve included all of the right products within a tank mix at the correct rates in which they were applied. 

Additional resources

If you ever need help uploading data into your account or have other questions, please email data@farmersbusinessnetwork.com and our team of Data Specialists will be happy to assist you. 

To access and learn more about these resources there are various levels of contributing data to ensure your account is ready to Power Up Your Farm.

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**Information and insights provided by FBN are based on submissions from FBN members and in certain cases other third-party information, and its availability and accuracy is not guaranteed. Information and data may not be available for all seed products including some seed products distributed by FBN.

Brad Roberts

Aug 10, 2022

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