FBN® Yield Prediction Tool Supports In-Season Decision-Making

Jayant Ahalawat

Sep 13, 2021

It’s that time of year once again. Across North America, farmers are looking over their fields and wondering what to expect on the yield monitor when they roll through.

If you’re like most farmers, you probably have your preferred method for making an educated guess when it comes to yield. Perhaps you review harvest data from previous years and make updates according to factors unique to this year. Or you might count ears in row feet and count kernels on representative ears to come up with an estimate. 

But what if there was a more streamlined, data-driven way to predict yield? What impact would it make if you could periodically gain insight on what your numbers might be when harvest arrives?

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A data-driven approach to yield prediction

Available exclusively to FBN members, our Yield Prediction tool conveniently delivers in-season updates every sixth day in the My Operation tab of the FBN app on your desktop or mobile phone. 

These estimates are derived from a variety of factors, including:

  • location

  • field yield history

  • regional yield history

  • weather data 

  • satellite imagery

  • agronomic data—including variety planted, soil type and planting date

The more data you contribute from your farm, the more informed your estimates will be.

Our tool also aggregates these yield predictions, showing you state and national averages.

Access to this level of insight can help you make in-season application decisions and inform your seed selection game plan for the next crop year.

Plus, we’re rolling out some exciting new updates this year:

App Integration

Now the Yield Prediction tool is fully integrated into the FBN app—both mobile and desktop versions—putting the data right at your fingertips. And, of course, you can still access yield predictions in the My Reports section of your account.

Diversified Crops

We’ve expanded the crops covered by Yield Prediction; in addition to corn and soybeans, now you can get in-season yield estimates for your canola and wheat crops as well.

More Data for More Members

With the addition of these new crops and increased data contribution across the network, Canadian farmers will now enjoy more robust functionality of the Yield Prediction tool within the FBN app.

To utilize FBN Yield Potential, simply add a planting event to the My Operation tab in your member account and our tool will analyze available data to show you your predicted yield for that field.

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Yield predictions are based on statistical and agronomic models, research and data (including historical weather and agronomic data), and information provided by other FBN members and you, to generate the estimates and other information we provide. These do not guarantee actual results. Our models, data and recommendations may change over time. Individual results may vary, as weather, agronomic conditions and farming practices differ across growers, locations and years. Consult your agronomist and other service professionals before making financial, risk management and farming decisions.

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Jayant Ahalawat

Sep 13, 2021