Weather Outlook for Spring 2022

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Feb 15, 2022

As spring approaches, it’s good to keep an eye on the weather and what it could bring for your planting and growing season. With potentially dry and wet weather patterns on the horizon, thinking about your crop insurance coverage is as timely as ever. 

La Niña Impacts

The backdrop for weather this year is that we are in a La Niña now. The terms La Niña/El Niño are broadly considered to be the ENSO cycle. This refers to the cooling or warming of the waters around the equator. Those cooling and warming waters have global impacts on weather.

Right now, the La Niña cycle is reaching its peak and we’ll probably start to see it fade. But the impacts of La Niña will persist well into April. 

While the North and West are seeing a cooler mass of air, we’re currently seeing a drought in the Southwestern Plains of the U.S. that is concerning because it is reaching into key winter wheat growing areas.

Over the next three months, we’ll start to see that precipitation will continue to be below normal in the Southwestern Plains. This means a continuation of dry conditions in an area that is already experiencing drought. 

Looking to the Ohio River Valley and lower Indiana, we expect to see a surge of moisture which could contribute to planting problems because fields will be too wet. This could cause planting delays in this region.

Looking Ahead

It’s difficult to predict further than three months for what will happen this summer, but we know that weather seldom repeats itself. That said, we should be cautious not to completely ignore the lessons of years past. 

It’s always a good bet to think about the "what ifs" with weather. For a farmer who had a good year last year, they may not be thinking about the need for crop insurance... but it's better to be prepared. Knowing that weather never repeats itself and being cautious to plan for the unexpected, farmers should not completely ignoring crop insurance coverage. 

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FBN Insurance

Feb 15, 2022

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