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Smart, Simple, and Personalized Insurance

Our agents find solutions to what worries you, whether that’s your crops, livestock, or health.
Our Solutions

Insurance Products Built For You

FBN® is more than just insurance; our agents work with you to understand your biggest concerns then offer you solutions that provide peace of mind.

Crop Insurance

FBN Crop Insurance is personalized to meet your needs. Our team approach gives you access to agents who specialize in a variety of crops. Receive personalized recommendations on your multi-peril, hail, or whole farm protection policies using our data-backed approach.

Livestock Insurance

Whether you raise cattle, dairy, apiculture, or swine, Farmers Business Network has the expertise to serve producers of all sizes. Our agents are here to build a loyal relationship, ensuring stability and trust in times of market loss, mortality loss, or unexpected peril.

Health Insurance

FBN members asked for affordable health care coverage and we delivered. Last year FBN Health members saved thousands of dollars on their health care costs. Our plans offer features you’d expect, including integrated wellness, care coordination, and disease management.


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Wondering what your agent is missing? Take advantage of FBN's combined 570+ years of expertise, and learn how we can help you get the best coverage.

Data Driven Insurance: Using Data to Make Informed Decisions [Video]

In this educational panel from Farmer2FarmerVI, you'll learn why data deserves a seat at the table when it’s time to invest in crop, farm and livestock insurance packages.

Innovating the Future of FBN® Insurance

FBN® revolutionized the Ag sector by using innovative technology to improve data transparency and accessibility. Now we’re applying that same approach to our crop and livestock insurance coverage.

When Are Multi Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI) Deadlines?

Learn some important crop insurance deadlines that specifically cover multi peril crop insurance. The important deadlines are sales closing date, acreage reporting date and premium billing date.
Photo of brown cow

When Are Livestock Insurance Deadlines?

Learn more about important livestock insurance deadlines that cover the following programs: livestock risk protection, livestock gross margin and dairy revenue protection.

Protect Your Operation with Specialty Crop Insurance Plans

Learn more about specialty crop insurance plans. The three most common plans are actual production history, actual revenue history and whole farm revenue protection.

Driven by Data and Empowered by Technology

We’ve developed tools that can provide a virtual snapshot of what risk looks like in your area and on your farm. Utilizing more than 30 years of data, you can compare different coverage scenarios and see how they would work for you.

Screenshot of the app showing a crop insurance summary superimposed over a screenshot of a table showing a crop insurance quote breakdown
Crop Insurance

Solutions to Your Crop Insurance Needs

If you haven't gotten a second opinion on your crop insurance in the last few years, now is the time to see how a personalized approach to insurance could make a difference in your operation. Our agents are here to find the perfect fit for your needs. If you feel it is time for a new insurance agent, we are excited to talk to you about solutions to your worries.

Livestock Insurance

Livestock Protection to Give You Peace of Mind

Protect what you've spent a lifetime raising - from land to livestock. As producers themselves, our agents are in-tune to the ups and downs of the livestock market and are here to make sure you're protected from unexpected loss.

Forage Protection

Pasture, Range and Forage, as well as Annual Forage policies are a way to insure precipitation on grazing ground. These policies can also be written for Apiculture.

Price Protection

Don't get surprised by the price of your cattle. Products like Livestock Risk Protection and Livestock Gross Margin protect against declining market prices. Also applicable to swine and dairy.


Animal Mortality policy provides coverage for death, or humane destruction of a covered animal as a result of an accident, injury, illness, disease and/or disability.

Health Insurance

Health Coverage Built for Producers

Now available in all 50 states, our affordable health coverage is designed to fit families and employees with the benefits you need.
Farm Family

Group Insurance

Group medical coverage for farms with 2 or more full-time employees.
Three Farmers

Medicare Supplemental

Medical coverage option for farmers and family members who are 65 and over.

Dental & Vision

Dental and vision plans can be added to any of our medical plans.

FBN is a licensed insurance agency, selling all Crop, Livestock, and Private Product insurance

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