How can I find specific contracts?

To view all your contracts, make sure you are located in the Market section, and then tap on My Sales at the top of the Market screen. Once in My Sales, make sure you’re in the Contracts tab to view all of your imported contracts.

Once you have located the contract you are looking for, click the contract to bring up details and all relevant information associated with the contract. Scroll down in contract details to view the attached Tickets and Settlements. You can also click on Tickets and Settlements to see additional details.

To quickly find contracts you are working on, use the Contract Task List. Located in the Market section you will see a Task List. This tile shows an overview of outstanding tasks related to contracts, tickets, settlements, as well as other items requiring action:

  • Deliveries: Contracts that are able to be delivered within the next 30 days.

  • Pricing: Contracts that still need to have futures or basis set.

  • Signatures: Contracts that have yet to be signed.

How To: Find Contracts, Scale Tickets and Settlements on the FBN® App

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