How do FBN mapping features work?

FBN® mapping features are powerful tools to give you the big picture of what is actually happening in your field throughout all stages of the growing season. You will be able to quickly understand yield impacts by comparing various categories and years of data.

Find the mapping features under the Analyze tab at the top of the page > My Operation in the left-hand menu > Maps.

Here you'll see a high-level map of all the fields in your enterprise. You can focus on any individual field by selecting the field in Search for a field. For the US, you can select "Earth View", "Field Maps", "Satellite Maps", "Soil Temperature" maps or "Weather" maps from this screen. 

At the field level, choose the map Type:

  • Harvest

  • Planting

  • Application

  • Satellite

  • Natural Features

Also, select the Layer options which will change based on the map type (not available for satellite). Once you've selected a map type and layer option, view additional analysis below each map which further breaks down the map data.

Compare two maps by selecting the Compare Maps check box. When comparing two maps, you will see a slider bar over the field that you can use to reveal the second map layer. Click and drag the compare slider back and forth to see the difference.

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