Kat Rokhlin

Kat grew up surrounded by farmland in Iowa. She attended the University of Iowa where she earned a degree in International Studies and cultivated a passion for understanding different perspectives and experiences, both abroad and in her community. After a stint teaching English abroad in South Korea, Kat returned to the Midwest and settled in Chicago, Illinois, where she worked in higher education and at a startup technology incubator. Kat works on the marketing and network teams at FBN and is enthusiastic about understanding farmers' needs and creating programming that makes them feel immersed in FBN's community of farmers.

Jun 10, 2020

by Kat Rokhlin

We’ve seen firsthand at Farmers Business Network℠ just how valuable it is for you to be able to connect with other farmers. The community we’ve been able to build together—which today is nearly 11,500 farmers strong—gives you access to knowledge, resources and support from others who’ve experienced

Jan 02, 2020

by Kat Rokhlin

Farming can feel like a solo endeavor, and places to connect with other farmers outside your own town or community can be quite limited. We launched FBN℠ Community to create a members-only space online where you can share personal experiences, contribute your own expertise and receive practical, unb