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Kat Rokhlin

Kat grew up surrounded by farmland in Iowa. She attended the University of Iowa where she earned a degree in International Studies and cultivated a passion for understanding different perspectives and experiences, both abroad and in her community. After a stint teaching English abroad in South Korea, Kat returned to the Midwest and settled in Chicago, Illinois, where she worked in higher education and at a startup technology incubator. Kat works on the marketing and network teams at FBN and is enthusiastic about understanding farmers' needs and creating programming that makes them feel immersed in FBN's community of farmers.

Jun. 10, 2020

by Kat Rokhlin

We’ve seen firsthand at Farmers Business Network℠ just how valuable it is for you to be able to connect with other farmers.  The community we’ve been able to build together—which today is nearly 11,500 farmers strong—gives you access to knowledge, resources and support from others who’ve experienced some of the same challenges you face on a daily basis. That’s why we’re excited to roll out two new features within the Community tab in your FBN app: 1) a classifieds section, where you can buy and sell used equipment, offer services and more; and 2) the ability to build out an expanded profile, so you can more easily connect with others across the network. Goods and services now available through FBN Community We’ve heard many of our members express a need for the ability to exchange goods and services across the network, and we couldn’t agree with you more. Farm machinery and equipment can represent a significant operating cost in your budget, and buying used machinery (or selling equipment you no longer need) can help you more effectively manage your bottom line.  We also know that in addition to growing your own crops, many of you offer professional services—custom application, spraying, aerial imagery, consulting and more—that are of values to others in the network. By introducing a For Sale section in Community, we’re working to facilitate a space where you can easily post machinery, equipment and services for sale as well as browse offers to address the needs you face on your own operation.  What results is a win-win for both the seller and the buyer. To offer a good or service, simply navigate to the Community tab in the FBN app and create a new post and select For Sale from the category options.  You’ll then be able to include a title, description, cost and supporting images as well as indicate your preferred method of communication so you can manage next steps in the transaction via email, phone or text message. If you’re in need of a good or service, just use the filters in the Community app to browse listings in the For Sale section.  Build more meaningful connections in our online forum Our members-only FBN Community forum provides you with a space where you can post questions, share ideas and connect with other farmers across the network.  Since we launched this space in our online platform in 2019, FBN members have interacted across any variety of subjects, from weed management strategies to equipment maintenance to photos of planting and harvest progress. We recently gave FBN Community a facelift to help you more easily navigate through the forum and participate in conversations that are most relevant to you and your operation.  We’ve also upgraded your ability to build out your personal profile on FBN Community. Now you can share more about yourself, your experience and the type of operation you run as well as learn more about others who are active in the network. We know online spaces can’t replicate every aspect of in-person interactions, but we’re hoping we can continue to help you build meaningful connections with other FBN members. Enjoy the new upgraded experience in FBN Community These new features are live and available in your FBN app under the Community tab. Log into your account today via your desktop, tablet or mobile app and start connecting with other farmers across the network.

Jan. 02, 2020

by Kat Rokhlin

Farming can feel like a solo endeavor, and places to connect with other farmers outside your own town or community can be quite limited. We launched FBN ℠ Community to create a members-only space online where you can share personal experiences, contribute your own expertise and receive practical, unbiased advice from farmers across the U.S. and Canada. A pair of new features in the FBN network app To help facilitate even deeper connections across the FBN network, we’ve recently added two new features within the app.  Keep connected when you “follow” other farmers  Given the busy schedule on your operation, you may find it challenging at times to keep track of all of the insights and wisdom available on FBN Community. That’s why we’ve released a feature that allows you to “follow” other farmers.  When you follow someone on FBN Community, you’ll receive notifications every time they create a post or comment on a thread. That way you’ll stay up to date on marestail conversations from your friends in Iowa and keep track of farm equipment questions from a farmer you follow in North Dakota.  Following a farmer is as easy as typing in a contributor’s name in the search at the top of the page, clicking on their name (hyperlinked in blue) within the post and selecting Follow .  Personalize your profile with a photo  After attending an event like Farmer2Farmer, FBN Community can help you keep the conversation going and maintain some of the connections you’ve made. But with an ever-growing network of farmers, sometimes it’s helpful to be able to match a face with a name.  You can personalize your FBN Community profile by uploading a photo of yourself. Simply click on the small icon in the upper left-hand corner of your Community screen, choose Update Profile and upload a photo of yourself.  By contributing to FBN Community, “following” other farmers and personalizing your account, you’re playing an all-important role in building a stronger, interconnected network of farmers.  Connect with other farmers across the U.S. and Canada We're building something special at Farmers Business Network℠ . Find out how a network of farmers like you have come together to make farming better for everyone. If you aren’t a member of the FBN network, sign up for a free demo and find out how you can use our data-driven tools and insights to maximize your profit potential.