Our Top 7 Moments from Day 2 of Farmer2Farmer V

Brian Paff

Dec 13, 2019

Day Two of Farmer2Farmer is in the books, and what an amazing day it was. Here’s a quick rundown of some of our favorite moments from the day:

1. The U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Talked Trade at Farmer2Farmer

U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue made an appearance on the main stage at Farmer2Farmer V this morning to talk to attendees about the importance of data in agriculture and to update the crowd on what’s been happening in international trade. He also sat down to chat with Millennial Farmer Zach Johnson and ag reporter Sarah Mock on the Farmer2Farmer V livestream.

2. Data Science Takes the Stage

Data is key to our approach to farming, and its time to shine at Farmer2Farmer happened throughout the day. Oakland A’s executive Billy Beane, subject of the book and subsequent film Moneyball, talked to farmers about how his statistical methods impacted baseball and the broader business world. This methodology ties right in to our goal of helping farmers beat the odds by leveraging data from across millions of acres to supply you the information you need to make smart decisions for your operation.

3. The Farmer2Farmer V Livestream Wraps Up

Farmer2Farmer V livestream coverage continued today with panels on the future of crop marketing, telling your farm’s story online and changing paradigms in seed, along with an interview with Secretary Perdue and live footage from the main stage. 

You can watch replays of some of our most engaging livestream segments by visiting farmer2farmer.ag/live

4. A YouTube Revolution Rises Up

In this day and age farmers can use social media to connect with each other and compare ideas, bringing their farm stories to homes all around the world. Some of the most engaging farmers on YouTube today—including Jay Hill, Zach Johnson, Nick Welker, Ryan Kuster, Meredith Bernard and Tony Fast—talked to the audience about how they’re changing the way we communicate about agriculture with each other and the world.  

5. Organic Crops Are Transforming Profit Potential

As demand increases for organic crops, it’s important for farmers across the U.S. and Canada to know how to take the next steps in transitioning their farms to large-scale organic production. By hosting a farmer panel today and inviting a handful of organics-focused event partners to exhibit on the tradeshow floor, we are trying to help you explore new, innovative ways to keep your operation both sustainable and profitable.

6. A Glimpse into the Future of FBN

FBN co-founder Charles Baron took the stage again today to share how we plan to continue providing you tools to help you make the right decisions for your farm. That unwavering commitment to putting Farmers First® will only get stronger in the coming year as we roll out more ways to leverage data, save money on inputs and increase your profit potential.

7.  Getting Social During Farmer2Farmer

It is so exciting to see all of the buzz on social media while we’re under one roof in Omaha. See what’s happening around Farmer2Farmer V by following @FBNfarmers on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Plus check out #f2f19 to see what other attendees are saying about the event.

BONUS: Watch our Highlight Reel from Day Two

It was another exciting day at Farmer2Farmer V. Catch a glimpse of all the activity going on in the CHI Health Center in Omaha in our video recap.

This is what happens when you bring farmers together

Events like Farmer2Farmer are possible because a network of farmers like you have come together to make farming better for everyone. If you aren’t a member of the FBN network, sign up for a free demo and find out how you can use our data-driven tools and insights to maximize your profit potential. 

Brian Paff

Dec 13, 2019