Which Ownership Metrics Should You Consider Before Making an Equipment Purchase?

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Feb 26, 2024

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Agricultural operations require a significant investment in equipment to operate effectively. It's essential to understand the key considerations to evaluate when making a decision to lease or buy farm equipment

Before your next equipment purchase, take time to walk through these four metrics to help make sure your business is in an optimal position to take on this decision.

1. Set Profitability Goals

Setting goals to measure profitability is a vital step in understanding equipment ownership. A consistent metric such as cost per acre or cost per hour can help measure the effectiveness of the operation. This provides clarity in measuring equipment expenses as they relate to production and profits.

2. Compare Costs

When considering equipment ownership, compare the cost of ownership to leasing or custom hiring by thinking about: 

  • Variable Costs: Leasing or custom hiring can serve as a lower cost alternative, but variable operating costs such as labor, repairs, and parts must also be factored into your decision.

  • Equipment Life: Normal depreciation schedules for equipment are between five to seven years. 

  • Ownership Costs: Account for costs such as depreciation, interest on investment, taxes, insurance, and storage of the equipment. 

  • Equipment Production/Utilization: Analyze how often the equipment will be used and how it contributes to production. A piece of equipment that is rarely used is likely not cost-effective to own and maintain.

3. Consider Opportunity Costs

When purchasing equipment, consider the cash investment required; investing money in equipment means it's not available for other purchases to potentially grow your farm. Weigh the costs and benefits of equipment ownership against the costs of alternative investments in your operation. 

4. Evaluate Annually 

It's important to review the above exercises annually and in the event of any new capital purchases. This helps to ensure that your ag operation is up to date with the latest equipment ownership metrics and trends, empowering you to make informed decisions that will help benefit the operation’s bottom line in the long run.

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FBN Network

Feb 26, 2024

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