Could you be overpaying on ag equipment purchases? Learn the five questions that can help you get a better deal on your next machine purchase below. Ag Equipment Is Getting More Advanced …and More Expensive Today’s ag equipment is becoming increasingly innovative. From solar-powered scarecrows that

Investing in farmland can often help you scale your ag operation. To reduce overhead expenses, though, it’s advantageous to lock in a low mortgage interest rate. In this post, we’ll discuss everything from how interest rates impact farm mortgage payments to whether now is the right time for farmers

Apr 01, 2024

by FBN Network

One of the main challenges farmers face is securing farmland. However, there are financial products and resources that can help make purchasing farmland more accessible for farmers who are just starting out. In this post, we’ll cover: Renting vs. Buying Farmland: Pros and Cons, , Farm Land As a Futu

At FBN®, we value all farmers and are working to make the agriculture sector more equitable. Through our 55,000+ member strong platform, we are making gains in democratizing information for all farmers so that family farms can become economically viable. Let’s take a look at some fascinating facts a

Mar 28, 2024

by FBN Network

Terrain comparisons to the county can help farmers decide whether to purchase a new parcel of farmland by providing valuable insights into the land's topography and water drainage patterns. This information is crucial for assessing the land's suitability for agricultural operations. When interpretin

Mar 27, 2024

by FBN Network

Comparable sales can be a valuable tool for farmers when deciding whether or not to purchase an appealing farmland parcel. Download the free guide Before You Buy: 4 Farmland Factors to Consider from FBN® Finance to learn more about how to use comparable sales data when determining whether to make a

Mar 26, 2024

by FBN Network

Cropping history information can be valuable for a farmer who is deciding whether to purchase farmland available for sale. Learn more about why farmers deciding on a land purchase should assess cropping history before making a final decision in the free guide Before You Buy: 4 Farmland Factors to Co

Mar 25, 2024

by FBN Network

Soil type information is crucial for farmers to consider when deciding on new farmland to purchase. By understanding the soil types present on a piece of land that is for sale, farmers can assess its agricultural potential and suitability for specific crops. Before You Buy: 4 Farmland Factors to Con

Before using your equipment for the first time this spring, there are a few steps to take to prepare your machinery for the busy planting and spraying season. If you conducted periodic winter maintenance on your machinery throughout the colder months, you likely have a good sense of the condition of