FBN Announces Newly Expedited 3-Day or Less Delivery Times

FBN Network

Jun 22, 2023

Thanks to new optimization intelligence, enhanced delivery infrastructure and a world-class logistics network, we are excited to announce a significant enhancement to our FBN delivery services: deliveries will now be made in three days or less on the majority of member orders, representing FBN’s fastest-ever shipping speed. 

“Our systems now are aware of all our inventory positions, in real time, running millions of data points of scenario analysis each and every time a delivery time is shown to a farmer,” explains Jack Cox, Vice President of Global Fulfillment and Logistics at FBN. “What this means is that our system automatically finds farmers the fastest alternative possible from throughout our entire network, not just their closest location.”

With 30 logistics centers across North America, more than 84% of growing acreage in the U.S. is within a 250-mile radius of an FBN logistics center warehouse. In 2022 alone, FBN successfully completed over 28,000 deliveries. (Farmers are also still welcome to pick up their order in person at designated locations, offering flexibility to better accommodate member needs.)

Once an order is completed online, FBN's online tracking system enables farmers to monitor the progress of these orders in real-time, allowing them to plan with certainty as they know precisely when their products will arrive at their farm.

By offering optimized and transparent delivery options, FBN aims to revolutionize the way farmers access their essential supplies, making it more convenient and efficient than ever before. 

"Every day we're working to ensure our farmer members get what they need, when they need it," said Cox. This “speed, transparency, and reliability is especially critical now, as growers need inputs and equipment rapidly during the in-season period."

To experience the convenience of FBN's improved delivery services, click here

Note: Precise delivery times vary based on customer payment method, location, and selected shipping speed.

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FBN Network

Jun 22, 2023