FBN® Breaks Ground on One of the Largest Fulfillment Facilities in Canada

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Jun 16, 2022

Today we're excited to announce the start of construction on Farmers Business Network®'s new 198,000 square foot distribution facility in Saskatoon. Once completed in November 2022, the facility will be one of the largest agricultural product distribution facilities in Canada.

Supporting logistics operations throughout FBN’s regional network, the facility will offer local farmers convenient access to faster, even more reliable on-site delivery of essential farm inputs exactly when they need them.

FBN Improving Supply Access, Reliability for Canadian Farmers

With the launch of our new Saskatoon facility later this year, FBN will have fulfillment centers within 400 kilometers of the vast majority of our more than 6,000 farmer members who represent 20 million acres in Canada.

“We are very happy to welcome the Farmers Business Network Canadian logistics hub to Saskatoon,” says Saskatoon Mayor Charlie Clark. "It strengthens our ability to be a major food production epicenter, helping meet the demands of a growing world. This demonstrates industry confidence in our city and in the expertise and talent we have here.”

Serving as the main fulfillment center for FBN in Saskatoon, the new facility at 123 Prospect Rd, Corman Park, SK, will also serve as a hub for smaller logistics networks throughout Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

“This excellent location and workforce in Saskatoon are strong assets as we continue the expansion of the modern, reliable logistics network that helps farmers reduce uncertainty and drive profit potential,” says FBN Canada Country Manager Breen Neeser.

Using Data to Proactively Address Potential Supply Shortages 

At FBN, we understand how challenging it can be to get the supplies you need, especially amid shortages at critical times throughout the season. To address this issue, we’ve invested heavily in developing the first modern logistics network in agriculture to use data science in the creation of an agile system for the efficient movement of critical farm inputs.

Our market analysis team harnesses the power of farmer data to directly contribute to farmer profitability. By aggregating and analyzing critical data points including regional weather patterns, national supply trends, direct farmer feedback, and other key market insights, FBN’s logistics network identifies potential shortages and can rapidly redistribute inventory to maintain sufficient supplies. Knowing that our facilities will remain stocked, farmers can expect consistent, convenient deliveries even when widespread supply chain disruptions jeopardize delivery reliability from older systems.

“Traditional warehousing of inputs may put farmers at risk – in that the products they need have sold out and won’t be available until a new shipment arrives, damaging their profit potential for the whole season," explains Jack Cox, vice president of global fulfillment and logistics at FBN. "We use data to understand when a potential shortage is emerging so we can address it in real-time with our network of logistics centers, as happened earlier this year when FBN kept key inputs like Glyphosate in stock to serve our members during a shortage this spring.”

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FBN Network

Jun 16, 2022

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