FBN® Announces New Capital Raise of $300 Million from World-class Financial Partners

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Nov 18, 2021

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Today we're proud to announce two major milestones at FBN, both of which will provide tremendous new assets to serve your farm.

Growing a Strong Independent Farmer Network

We started in 2014 with just 3 farms and a bold mission: to make farming better for farmers by building an independent farmer network and using advanced technology to bring transparency to your data driven decisions including input purchasing, financing your farm, or dealing with commodity markets.

Thanks to your support, FBN has grown to over 33,500 members strong farming more than 82 million acres. Serving your farms behind the scenes are over 800 employees, many of whom live in rural communities and are farmers themselves. We also have 30 regional warehouses & pharmacies, and over 450 local Community Builder partners in rural USA, Canada, and Australia. As a technology company, we are one of the few who do business in the rural world. We are proud to call ourselves a rural enterprise and greatly appreciate your support.

The Future of FBN: New Capital Raise of $300 Million

Today, we are proud to announce a new capital raise of $300 million from world-class, long-term financial partners led by Fidelity Management and Research, one of the world’s largest and most trusted institutional investors. Ensuring FBN is supported by long-term minded capital partners allows us to continue to innovate on the hardest problems affecting farmer profit potential and to stay true to our mission of disrupting the ag industry for the benefit of our family farm customers.

We will use the capital to hire over 350 new team members in the next year alone and make significant investments in technology and data science. This will bring you even more technologies to use on your farm, salient information, and new services such as our comprehensive financial services and sustainability offerings that can help you finance your farm (land, operating, or equipment loans) and achieve premiums for your sustainable practices.

As always, we will continue to invest in our proprietary technologies and supply chain for FBN Direct® to help bring down prices, and do a continually better job delivering goods direct to your farm on demand.

We're honored to have earned your support and partnership in creating a better ag economy that puts Farmers First®. We proved this year filled with supply chain hiccups that we are a reliable partner of choice.

Below are two new key initiatives we would like to draw your attention to:

FBN Financial

Get the funding you need to grow your farm, whether that means land, operations, or equipment. By working with FBN Finance, you're supporting your operation with affordable financing from a team that's 100% dedicated to agriculture. Our financial solutions are customized to your farm's unique needs and your eligibility is based on who you are, not who you know.

We offer a broad range of financial solutions, including ag land loans, equipment loans, margin loans, operating lines of credit, Farmland Capital, and more.

Click here to find out more or call 866-619-3080 to speak directly with our loan advisor team.


Leading the way with a unified approach to agricultural commercial services, new FBN company Gradable® was designed to build technology and services for an integrated agriculture supply chain, ensuring a sustainable, profitable future for commercial agriculture.

Gradable offers innovative sustainability solutions and financial services for grain companies and other commercial agriculture businesses. Sign up now to look for grain marketing opportunities, insights, and premiums based on your sustainable practices. 

Looking Ahead to the Future of FBN

Thank you again for your support for these many years. The journey has not been easy, but it's worthwhile. And we are still at the beginning stages of a decades-long transformation of the ag sector that we are confident will benefit family farms.


The FBN Global Team

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FBN Network

Nov 18, 2021

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