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Sep 16, 2022

by FBN Network

FBN®’s industry-leading carbon scoring tech platform, Gradable ® , will support two major projects under the first round of the Partnerships for Climate-Smart Commodities funding opportunity announced recently by Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack. This is part of a $2.8 billion program to expand markets for climate-smart commodities.  Gradable will serve as the Measuring, Monitoring, Reporting and Verifying (MMRV) technology for an up to $90M grant awarded to Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) for quantifying verifiable greenhouse gas impacts of Climate-Smart Commodities and decarbonizing the agriculture supply chain. As well, FBN will  serve as a financial innovation partner to Field To Market on their up to $70M grant for the development of sustainable financing programs for farmers. “ FBN is thrilled to partner with both ADM and Field to Market on their innovative and ambitious programs which will reward thousands of farmers for adopting sustainable growing practices,” said FBN Head of Sustainable Business Steele Lorenz.  “Supporting these projects through both FBN’s technology that establishes a verifiable carbon accounting system for food and fuel and FBN’s sustainable financing expertise will enable the  development of markets for climate-smart commodities while decarbonizing agriculture–a win-win for farmers and the environment.” Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced that these initial projects will expand markets to: Climate-smart commodities Leverage the greenhouse gas benefits of climate-smart commodity production Provide direct, meaningful benefits to production agriculture, including for small and underserved producers More than 450 project proposals were submitted by applicants in the first funding pool. The USDA increased its investment from the initial $1 billion Secretary Vilsack announced earlier this year based on the strength of these project proposals.  "As climate-smart agricultural policy and markets develop, it is critical that the concerns and perspectives of the farmer remain at the forefront,” said FBN Head of Government Relations Ken Baric.  “I am encouraged that USDA is endeavoring to do just that, and we will work aggressively to see that any future efforts from Congress, States, Regulators, and the private sector take a farmer first approach."   Copyright © 2014 - 2022 Farmer's Business Network, Inc. All rights Reserved. The sprout logo, “Farmers Business Network”, “Gradable”, and “FBN” are trademarks, registered trademarks or service marks of Farmer's Business Network, Inc.

Sep 13, 2022

by FBN Network

The Market feature, in the FBN® App, will soon get an update, making it easier to navigate the app and making access key features. With harvest nearing, we especially want you to be aware of these improvements and share with you what's new. Except for the “Quick Start Buttons” — which every member now sees when they visit Market — the changes below apply to the premium experience our Market Advisory subscribers, and Commercial Partner members (POET, Western Plains) will view. Our team is working hard to upgrade the experience of all our members, with new changes planned for the near future. Here are some key changes:  Market Home You will now start at a newly designed Market Home screen instead of the My Sales screen. Market Home makes it easier to see key information by grouping information into tiles.  Quick Start Buttons At the top of the screen, Growers can easily jump to key features by simply tapping a button.  Delivery Summary Deliveries, upcoming and recently delivered, are displayed in this tile. Tapping on ‘Due by X date’ will take you to the contracts that require delivery by that specified date.  Contract Tasks Summary Provides a convenient way to see upcoming tasks and tapping any of these will bring you what Needs Delivery, Needs Pricing or Needs Signature and requires action.  Favorite Bids Favorite Bids are now available at-a-glance where a few of your favorite bids with cash, basis, and futures are displayed.  Market News The most recent headlines from our Research Team are displayed. Tapping the story link will take you to the full story in Market Intel. eMail us to request the daily Market Intel summary  crop-marketing@farmersbusinessnetwork.com More navigation shortcuts All the Market feature pages now include two easy ways to help with navigation. Breadcrumbs In the top left corner are breadcrumbs -- showing where you are, and an easy way to get back to Market Home. Just tap any of the breadcrumbs to quickly navigate there.  Back Button When you view details of specific contracts, tickets or settlements you can return to My Sales by tapping this button.  Announcements Current announcements for your location can be viewed at the top right-hand corner of ‘Bids’. Questions for POET? Angie Alliss | p: 641.860.4259 PGApp@poetep.com Questions for FBN? Dahn Clemens | p: 605.307.9914 dclemens@farmersbusinessnetwork.com DISCLAIMER: The FBN Crop Marketing Platform is offered by FBN BR LLC dba FBN Market Advisory - NFA ID: 0508695. We do not guarantee customers will receive specific benefits or value from participating in FBN Market Advisory; results will vary and may result in loss. Commodity trading, including futures, hedging and speculating, involves substantial risk of loss and may not be suitable for all investors. All information, publications, and reports, including this specific material, used and distributed by FBN BR LLC shall be construed as a solicitation. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results  Copyright © 2014 - 2022 Farmer's Business Network, Inc. All rights Reserved. The sprout logo, “Farmers Business Network”, “FBN” and "Farmers First" are trademarks, registered trademarks or service marks of Farmer's Business Network, Inc.

Aug 26, 2022

by FBN Network

FBN ® yesterday celebrated the grand opening of a new fulfillment center in Larchwood, Iowa! Farmers, ranchers and their families from the local community joined FBN Co-founders Charles Baron and Amol Deshpande for an open house event on Thursday, August 25, 2022 to open the new facility. Led by FBN Larchwood Logistics Center employees, event attendees also had the opportunity to tour the center to see the cutting-edge space.   With the opening of our new fulfillment center, FBN is dedicated to supporting the success of local farmers and ranchers in the Larchwood community — and with our fulfillment centers located around the U.S. and beyond, we’re always dedicated to putting all farmers first.  Copyright © 2014 - 2022 Farmer's Business Network, Inc. All rights Reserved. The sprout logo, “Farmers Business Network”, “FBN”, "Farmers First" are trademarks, registered trademarks or service marks of Farmer's Business Network, Inc.

Aug 19, 2022

by FBN Network

We’re excited to welcome new members joining FBN® from our recent partnership with Danvers Farmers Elevator (DFE). Through our partnership, we’ve created an app experience that will allow you to view local DFE bids, use basis data in charts, set pricing alerts, and even submit offers directly to DFE. We’ve built a streamlined sign-up process for Danver’s customers which will connect your Danvers account to FBN and enable you to directly send them offers. Get the app at - fbn.com/DFE .  Below are some FAQs we’ve put together that may help answer some questions you probably have right now, as well as some you may have as you begin to use the app. General FAQs Do I need to create an FBN Account to view DFE bids in the app? What is the hassle-free signup process for DFE growers? Can DFE access the data I add to my FBN account? Who can I talk to if I have questions? What is the value of becoming an FBN Member? How does FBN use my data? App FAQs Where do I go to see DFE bids? How can I favorite my preferred delivery locations? How can I set a Price Alert? Where can I find Basis Charts? How do I submit an offer to DFE? Where can I find DFEs response to my offers? Do I have access to Market Intel? General FAQs Do I need to create an FBN account to view DFE bids in the app? You do not need to be a member to view bids at - dfefarmpartners.gradable.com . But to submit offers to DFE and use other features in the FBN app, you will need to be an FBN member. FBN membership is free, and you can easily sign up for it as you download the FBN app in the hassle-free app signup process, exclusively for DFE growers at - fbn.com/DFE .  What is the hassle-free signup process for DFE Growers? Go to the FBN App for DFE landing page and follow the prompts. This is a special process only available for DFE growers. So please follow these three steps to successfully connect with DFE in the FBN app. Enter the mobile phone number used for your DFE account and you’ll be sent a text message with a special link. This link is crucial for initiating a step-by-step FBN account setup. Click the link in the text you’ll receive and install the FBN app. When you first open the app, you’ll see a special page for DFE customers. Click “Connect with DFE” and that will initiate the connection of DFE locations  to your FBN account. Can DFE access the data I add to my FBN account? No. FBN does not and will not share data you add to your account with third parties, including DFE. DFE can only see the offers you submit directly to the DFE merchandising team. In that case, your Merchandiser would see the offer you submitted. Who can I talk to if I have questions? Feel free to reach out to either FBN or DFE with any questions you may have. If you have questions about the app or need help getting started, reach out to FBN s Success Team for DFE Growers. Dahn Clemens | p: (605) 307-9914 | dclemens@farmersbusinessnetwork.com Tory Johnson | p: (605) 307-9914 | tjohnson@farmersbusinessnetwork.com If your questions are specific to DFE or your DFE account, please reach out to: Ryan Long | p: (309) 963-4305 | ryan@dfegrain.com What is the value of becoming an FBN Member? The FBN Network was launched in 2014 by a handful of farmers as an independent, unbiased and objective farmer-driven information source. By providing  data to FBN , farmers gain access to the FBN Network, an anonymized and aggregated data analytics platform that enables farmers to make better decisions on their farms. Today, FBN is a continually growing network of over 43,000 farmers using 100% anonymous data-sharing & unbiased benchmarking to gain valuable and trustworthy insights on virtually all aspects of their farm operations including, optimal farm practices, seed performance, inputs pricing and commodity markets. The FBN Network also provides business specific tools that allow farmers to put their own data to use in managing their business operations. How does FBN use my data? FBN uses your data for the following purposes which are required to provide you with the benefits of the FBN Network, including but not limited to: Creating your FBN account Providing you with FBN Network features, such as access to the Crop Marketing platform where you can view bids and submit offers to DFE, view your contracts & scale tickets, eSign contracts, have daily access to market intelligence reports, and manage your production data while viewing additional at-a-glance details like target breakeven and percent contracted & available. Providing operational and technical support, including improving or enhancing our products and services to you Communicating with you, such as sending you electronic notifications regarding your grain bid and offers, and for marketing purposes such as offering products and services to you in accordance with applicable law. Conducting research and analytics that help our FBN Members make better decisions on their farms Complying with our legal and regulatory requirements Protecting the rights, property, safety or security of the FBN Network, our FBN Members, employees or others and prevent fraud or illegal activity Enforcing or applying our Terms of Service . App FAQs Where can I go to see DFE bids? Tap on the Market icon at the bottom of the app, and then tap on Bids at the top of the Market screen. Bids will open and will automatically display elevators near you, including your nearest DFE facilities. Go to Bids How can I favorite my preferred delivery locations? In Bids, simply tap the star next to the location you want to favorite. Once you have selected a favorite the star will become solid blue. You can also remove the favorite at any time by tapping on the star again. The favorites feature allows you to indicate your most preferred delivery locations and automatically bring those facilities to top of your list of bids.  To get more detail on your favorites you can press on the Favorites tab, directly right of Cash Bids. By clicking this tab it will bring you to a view with only your favorited locations. In this view you have the advantage of seeing a certain locations bids over a 6 month period. The delivery period can be adjusted in the dropdown directly underneath the Favorites tab.  An additional feature in the favorites tab are basis charts for specific locations. By clicking on the delivery a new screen will appear with a basis chart. The graph displays three different data  sets over the past 12 months:  the locations' basis history, the regional average and the five year average. You can get out of this view by clicking the X in the top right corner. Go to Bids How can I set a Price Alert? From the Bids screen, tap on the Set Price Alert button. After tapping, a new screen will appear allowing you to customize the alert to meet your expectations. You can choose from cash, basis, or futures pricing. As well as the target price and alert frequency. Go to Bids Where can I find Basis Charts?  To find the basis charts/mapping tool, tap on the Market icon at the bottom of the app, and then tap on Bids at the top of the Market screen. On the Bids screen switch from CASH BIDS to FAVORITES. Then select a location and tap on a delivery period. A new screen will appear with an interactive basis chart. You are able to toggle throughout the graph to see past data and trends. Go to Bids How do I submit an offer to DFE? On the Bids screen, tap Make offer and set your offer price and quantity you'll deliver. And then receive a response from the DFE Merchandising team. Go to Bids Where can I find DFEs response to my offers? After you open the app, simply tap on the Market icon at the bottom of the app, and then tap My Sales at the top of the Market screen.  Select Offers in the dropdown to see all of your Pending, Working, Filled, and Canceled offers. Go to My Sales Do I have access to Market Intel? Yes you do. To access Market Intel, go to the Market menu and tap Market Intel. Also, send us an email at crop-marketing@farmersbusinessnetwork.com  to request the daily Market Intel email. Go to Market Intel Disclaimer: Please note that FBN merely serves to facilitate your communication with third party grain buyers and not as your agent or a party to any contract you enter into with any grain buyer. FBN has no control over, or liability for, the delivery, quality, prices, payment, legality or any other aspect of any grain transaction between you and a third party grain buyer. Neither FBN or any of its affiliates are responsible for ensuring that any third party grain buyer you transact with will complete the transaction or is authorized to do so. If you experience a problem with any goods or services purchased from, or sold to, a third party grain buyer using the FBN website or mobile application, or if you have a dispute with such a third party grain buyer, you should resolve the dispute directly with that third party grain buyer.  Copyright © 2014-2022 Farmer's Business Network, Inc. "Farmers Business Network," "FBN," and "Farmers First" are registered trademarks of Farmer's Business Network, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Jul 21, 2022

by FBN Network

Today we’re excited to announce a new partnership between Farmers Business Network® and ADM, a leader in sustainable nutrition and agriculture, that will expand availability of FBN ’s leading-edge digital farm business management platform, Gradable® , to ADM’s network of 55,000 North American farmers. The agreement will offer growers a comprehensive digital solution to manage their businesses and track their sustainable production data.  What does this new partnership mean for farmers?  By harnessing FBN ’s leading farm e-commerce and data insights in combination with ADM’s position as one of the biggest grain buyers worldwide, Gradable will empower farmers to identify new opportunities for profitability, including reporting and verification capabilities that will enable them to engage in regenerative agriculture programs and capitalize on growing market interest in low-carbon grain .  “Combining ADM’s scale and expertise and FBN ’s digital technology with the ability to efficiently, accurately, and consistently calculate and verify regenerative farm practices is powerful and promises to serve as a catalyst for the development of premium markets that reward farmers for sustainable production,” said FBN CEO Amol Deshpande. “This level of transparency is then transferred down the line to consumers, supporting demand for sustainable consumption.” As a leader in the decarbonization of the ag industry, ADM strives to meet demand for sustainably produced food, beverage and consumer products. The group’s new partnership with FBN will “expand our array of digital tools and offer our farmer partners a leading-edge platform to measure and verify regenerative agriculture practices, and help manage their businesses,” said Greg Morris, president of ADM’s Ag Services and Oilseeds business. “We’re excited to work with more farmers to find new opportunities for them to benefit from the production of differentiated, sustainably produced crops.” How does FBN ’s Gradable support farmers?  A modern, digital infrastructure designed to enhance the relationship between farmers and grain buyers, FBN’s Gradable platform supports secure and efficient grain transactions for production agriculture.  “ FBN ’s Gradable is not only the major digital innovation farmers need to identify opportunities to drive profitability, but it is also the carbon accounting system upon which a low-carbon ag economy can be built, with the potential to decarbonize the food and fuel supply chains on a gigaton scale,” explained FBN CEO Amol Deshpande.  By enabling farmers to effectively capture and analyze production data like carbon scores, the platform empowers farmers to increasingly participate in new sustainability markets and further monetize their operations. Farmers who utilize Gradable’s environmental scoring function in addition to adopting regenerative agricultural practices have produced grain with 20-30% smaller carbon intensity footprints. Interested in maximizing your operation’s profitability? Learn more about Gradable here.    Copyright © 2014 - 2022 Farmer's Business Network, Inc. All rights Reserved. The sprout logo, “Farmers Business Network”, “Gradable”, and “FBN” are trademarks, registered trademarks or service marks of Farmer's Business Network, Inc.

Jul 07, 2022

by Mark Wilson

FBN came to Australia in 2020 with a mission to democratise information for farmers by providing unbiased analytics and creating competition for farmers’ business. Our goal was, and still is, to connect farmers by using advanced information and doing business in a fundamentally different way.  That’s why you’ll be able to get more farming done, anytime, anywhere when you shop on FBN.com. But what are the benefits of online farming with FBN ? When you shop with FBN you’ll always get: Convenience Potential opportunity to save on crop protection Transparent list pricing That’s what we’ll always offer but when you shop with us but here are four more reasons why you should be shopping on FBN.com: 1. Quality crop protection products FBN Direct® carries a wide range of crop protection products like adjuvants and herbicides as well as crop nutrition products like high uptake nutrients. Our platform also assists you in identifying label required or recommended adjuvant pairings with crop protection products. 2. Transparent list pricing  With transparent list pricing, you’ll get the relevant price information on the inputs you’re buying to make informed decision for your farm.  3. Data analytics FBN was launched as a source of farmer-driven information and data. Our data analytics platform anonymises and aggregates member information to help you make more informed decisions for your operation.  4. Free direct-to-farm delivery Delivery is free on all orders in Australia. You can choose your delivery date and schedule and track your orders. Enjoy the convenience of delivery direct to you, putting more time back in your day. 5. Free membership FBN membership is always free*. As a member, you’ll have access to free tools such as yield prediction, satellite imagery and custom analytics and reports. Tracking your crops throughout the season has never been easier and you’ll always know what’s going on in your paddocks.  “ FBN has more to offer growers than products. The data analytics tool can make such a huge difference to all Australian farmers. FBNs impact is still in its early days in Australia, but over the next 3 years it will make inroads with its data analytics and additional products/services it will introduce to Australia,” says Community Builder Brodie Bridgman .  Sign up to become a free member*.  Copyright © 2022 Farmers Business Network Australia Pty Ltd. All rights reserved. "FBN" and "FBN Direct" are registered trademarks or trademarks of Farmer's Business Network, Inc. Products and services are offered by Farmers Business Network Australia Pty Ltd. and are available only where licensed. FBN Direct products and services and other products distributed by FBN Direct are offered by Farmers Business Network Australia Pty. Ltd. and are available only where Farmers Business Network Australia Pty Ltd. is licensed and where those products are registered for sale or use, if applicable. Nothing contained on this page, including the prices listed should be construed as an offer for sale, or a sale of products. All products and prices are subject to change at any time and without notice.  Terms and conditions apply. Testimonials are not indicative of future performance or success; results may vary. FBN® merchandise provided in recognition of testimonials. Members were told in advance they might be featured in an ad. *Fees may apply for certain product and service offerings other than FBN membership.

Jun 16, 2022

by FBN Network

Today we're excited to announce the start of construction on Farmers Business Network®'s new 198,000 square foot distribution facility in Saskatoon. Once completed in November 2022, the facility will be one of the largest agricultural product distribution facilities in Canada. Supporting logistics operations throughout FBN’s regional network, the facility will offer local farmers convenient access to faster, even more reliable on-site delivery of essential farm inputs exactly when they need them. FBN Improving Supply Access, Reliability for Canadian Farmers With the launch of our new Saskatoon facility later this year, FBN will have fulfillment centers within 400 kilometers of the vast majority of our more than 6,000 farmer members who represent 20 million acres in Canada. “We are very happy to welcome the Farmers Business Network Canadian logistics hub to Saskatoon,” says Saskatoon Mayor Charlie Clark. "It strengthens our ability to be a major food production epicenter, helping meet the demands of a growing world. This demonstrates industry confidence in our city and in the expertise and talent we have here.” Serving as the main fulfillment center for FBN in Saskatoon, the new facility at 123 Prospect Rd, Corman Park, SK, will also serve as a hub for smaller logistics networks throughout Saskatchewan and Manitoba. “This excellent location and workforce in Saskatoon are strong assets as we continue the expansion of the modern, reliable logistics network that helps farmers reduce uncertainty and drive profit potential,” says FBN Canada Country Manager Breen Neeser. Using Data to Proactively Address Potential Supply Shortages  At FBN , we understand how challenging it can be to get the supplies you need, especially amid shortages at critical times throughout the season. To address this issue, we’ve invested heavily in developing the first modern logistics network in agriculture to use data science in the creation of an agile system for the efficient movement of critical farm inputs. Our market analysis team harnesses the power of farmer data to directly contribute to farmer profitability. By aggregating and analyzing critical data points including regional weather patterns, national supply trends, direct farmer feedback, and other key market insights , FBN’s logistics network identifies potential shortages and can rapidly redistribute inventory to maintain sufficient supplies. Knowing that our facilities will remain stocked, farmers can expect consistent, convenient deliveries even when widespread supply chain disruptions jeopardize delivery reliability from older systems. “Traditional warehousing of inputs may put farmers at risk – in that the products they need have sold out and won’t be available until a new shipment arrives, damaging their profit potential for the whole season," explains Jack Cox, vice president of global fulfillment and logistics at FBN . "We use data to understand when a potential shortage is emerging so we can address it in real-time with our network of logistics centers, as happened earlier this year when FBN kept key inputs like Glyphosate in stock to serve our members during a shortage this spring.” [Need key supplies for your farm operations? Shop FBN Direct online anywhere, anytime and enjoy the convenience of crop protection products delivered direct to your farm.] Copyright © 2015 - 2022 Farmer’s Business Network Canada, Inc. All rights reserved. The sprout logo, “Farmers Business Network,” “FBN,“, “Farmers First”, “FBN Direct,” “F2F Genetics Network”, “Pro Ag”, and “Professional Ag Distributors” are trademarks, registered trademarks or service marks of Farmer’s Business Network, Inc. or its affiliates.

May 17, 2022

by Bree Hartas

As you close your books on the End of Financial Year* or look to the 2022 planting season, many growers are looking back at the previous season in Australia. While it was a good season for some farmers, many were hit hard with unseasonal floods and a late harvest. Regardless of the season you just had, FBN® is here to help.  There’s never been a better time to assess how to best maximise this EOFY period than with some amazing offers to help your bottom line, stock up and offset your tax.  No matter what situation you’re in, there are plenty of ways to stock up during this EOFY period before the 30 June deadline approaches quickly.  Let’s look at some of these special offers to help you determine if you want to finance your inputs or buy them in cash this year.  Shop now to join the 0% Club To join the 0% club, you must purchase a minimum of $60,000 of crop protection, adjuvants or crop nutrition from FBN Direct® by 30 June 2022 to extend 0% financing on purchases through 31 August 2022. Payment is due in full by 1 January 2023.  “Australian growers have been asking the ag industry for a finance offering, which is not tiered and levels the playing field.  FBN’s 0% finance is an EOFY solution that fits this need and is completely unique in the marketplace. We are proud to have brought this offering to Australia.” Tristan Jones, Regional Director, FBN Australia.  Click here to learn more.  Take advantage of the cash discount program Unlock 3% OFF with cash payments on herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, crop nutrition and adjuvant products purchased through FBN Direct . Act quickly though as this is only good until 30 June 2022.  “We’ve seen some phenomenal early uptake of our Cash Discount Program. Members are telling us that the option to spend up cash is coming at exactly the right time in the lead up to the EOFY period.” says Jones. Click here to learn more.  New customer rewards New FBN members get big rewards. If you’re a new member purchasing inputs with us for the first time, you’ll get a $750 discount when you purchase a minimum of $15,000 on products from the FBN Direct store.  Click here to learn more.  Lock in today Lock in your products today on FBN Direct and take advantage of these tax-saving solutions. 30 June is not far away!  Copyright © 2022 Farmers Business Network Australia Pty Ltd. All rights reserved. "FBN" and "FBN Direct" are registered trademarks or trademarks of Farmer's Business Network, Inc. Products and services are offered by Farmers Business Network Australia Pty Ltd. and are available only where licensed. FBN Direct products and services and other products distributed by FBN Direct are offered by Farmers Business Network Australia Pty. Ltd. and are available only where Farmers Business Network Australia Pty Ltd. is licensed and where those products are registered for sale or use, if applicable. Nothing contained on this page, including the prices listed should be construed as an offer for sale, or a sale of products. All products and prices are subject to change at any time and without notice.  Terms and conditions apply. ALWAYS READ AND FOLLOW LABEL DIRECTIONS. It is a violation of federal and state/territory law to use any pesticide other than in accordance with its label. The distribution, sale and use of an unregistered chemical product is a violation of federal and/or state/territory law and is strictly prohibited. We do not guarantee the accuracy of any information provided on this page or which is provided by us in any form. It is your responsibility to confirm prior to purchase and use that a product is labeled for your specific purposes, including, but not limited to, your target crop or pest and its compatibility with other products in a tank mix and that the usage of a product is otherwise consistent with federal, state, territory and local laws.  We reserve the right to restrict sales on a geographic basis in our sole discretion. You must be authorised to use restricted chemical products under applicable state or territory law.  Please consult your applicable state or territory authority for complete rules and regulations on the use of restricted chemical products as some products require specific record-keeping requirements. *Where applicable, we provide tax invoices at the time of shipping. Where specific advice is necessary or appropriate, consult with a qualified financial and/or tax advisor in relation to End of Financial Year solutions for your business. Neither Farmer's Business Network Australia PTY LTD nor any of its affiliates make any representations or warranties with respect to any tax savings in relation to the End of Financial Year solutions. GENERAL REQUIREMENTS FBN Member Account Members must have up-to-date tax exemption form on file with FBN Member must have an Australian Business Number (ABN) and registered for Goods and Services Tax (GST) in Australia Signed Master Distribution Agreement (MDA) and 2022 Annual Program Terms (APT) Returns, swaps & exchanges are not permitted for products containing glyphosate and glufosinate Payment made by EFT, cheque or credit card. 0% CLUB REQUIREMENTS Members must make purchases from the approved categories totalling $60,000 or more by June 30, 2022. Qualifying purchases may include shipping or delivery fees, but must result in a net total of $60,000 after applying any discounts or credits. Financing terms and conditions apply.  0% CLUB  QUALIFYING LOCATIONS Input financing is available to FBN® members where FBN Input Finance is licensed to offer input financing, which includes the following states: New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Victoria, Western Australia CASH DISCOUNT QUALIFYING LOCATIONS This includes the following states: New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Victoria, Western Australia, Tasmania. Product must be purchased within the program period, February 13, 2022 - June 30, 2022. NEW CUSTOMER OFFER One (1) Use Per Enterprise Members must have up-to-date tax exemption form on file with FBN Must be a New Customer of FBN Direct®. To qualify as a "new customer," the member must be a new farm enterprise purchasing inputs from FBN Direct for the first time and not an existing FBN Direct customer creating a new account under the same farm enterprise to purchase, or one who has already purchased from FBN Direct at any time in the past.   A minimum $15,000 order size is required to qualify for each order Product must be purchased within the program period, May 1, 2022 - August 30, 2022  Can be combined with other offers Payment made by EFT, cheque or credit card

Apr 14, 2022

by Mark Wilson

With the release of the State of Agriculture report a few weeks ago, FBN® took a deep dive into what’s happening in the world of agriculture, how it’s affecting farmers and what to expect for the rest of 2022. This was the first time FBN tackled a broad topic like the state of agriculture in a report. And behind the scenes, the report that was originally conceived ended up being affected by geopolitical events that shook the world and changed the course of how we were thinking about the state of agriculture. Why was it important to produce this report The State of Ag report was part of our Planning Ahead series of content, meant to help our members make knowledgeable decisions ahead of the new growing season. In the report, we talked about how inflating costs were tied to both supply chain logistics and energy prices. But those things are even more impactful now  as the war in Ukraine exacerbates the challenges farmers were already facing before the war.  Kevin McNew is the Chief Economist at FBN and one of the authors of the report. He says that one of the big fears he heard from farmers was that commodity prices are going to collapse. He says farmers are afraid they’ll be stuck paying substantially higher prices for glyphosate and other fertilizers and then see commodity prices tank.  But while some farmers are filled with anxiety and trepidation about this happening, one of the things McNew felt was important was to provide truthful insights about what’s actually happening and what farmers may expect in the coming months.  “I think the value we were able to bring with this report was to be able to say, ‘Look, here’s why we don’t think that’s going to happen.’” How the state of ag changed overnight McNew and his team originally started talking about putting together this report in January, almost 6 weeks before the outbreak of the war in Ukraine. One of the factors McNew was thinking about as he started working on the report was to remind farmers that we’ve been in a bull market for 18 months.  As he explained, 18 months of rising grain prices is a long time. There aren’t many instances where grain prices have continued to rise for that length of time. It’s rare to see that kind of prolonged price inflation and grain prices. McNew equates it to a small localized forest fire. As prices continued to rise there was a sudden outbreak of war in Europe, that small fire became a raging rain of fire on the markets.  “We expect the markets will fluctuate day-to-day based on whatever the headline event is around negotiations or talks between Russia and Ukraine. But for all practical purposes, we don’t currently see anything changing that deflates the markets. That’s why we were confident saying that grain prices would likely smash record highs,” says McNew. While he admits this is a bold statement, he says the powder keg of bullish factors that already existed for the last 18 months and the outbreak of war in Eastern Europe meant that there will be long term effects on agriculture for years to come. “You can maybe picture a world where there’s a ceasefire but normalization seems so far removed. We’re talking about Ukraine being literally destroyed as a country. Even if there is a ceasefire, what happens with Russia? Can Russia be brought back into the world markets? Or are they perpetually banished for sometime in the near future?”  While both countries are pivotal and important to global agricultural trade, it’s difficult to imagine a world where these countries are able to return to normal in just months or even years.  How the war affected fertilizer prices Fertilizer prices started rising in the fall of 2021 when Hurricane Ida struck New Orleans. Key manufacturing facilities for fertilizer were damaged throughout Louisiana which slowed and halted production in some instances.  At the same time, natural gas prices were going down because of shortfalls in Europe. So between the hurricane and natural gas prices dipping, we continued to see really high fertilizer prices. It wasn’t until December of 2021 that fertilizer prices started to drop.  By this point, production facilities started to come back online and it seemed as if things would begin to even out. But as the threat of war loomed, natural gas prices started to rise and fertilizer prices once again began to increase significantly.  Ripple effects of current events After the report was released, McNew started to see other factors at play that could have global implications.  He and his team started to see a deeper context around the fact that 30% of global wheat trade is Russian. One of the strategic areas McNew is keeping a close eye on is North Africa as bushels of wheat make their way into lesser developed areas of the continent that are highly sensitive to escalating food prices. North Africa’s reliance on both Ukrainian and Russian wheat could make the region a volatile powder keg as food becomes a political lever. As both wheat and food prices continue to rise, McNew sees the potential for geopolitical instability to spread into both North Africa and the Middle East.  He says current events in North Africa are similar to what happened in 2011 with the Arab Spring. Russian drought in 2010 caused wheat prices to rise and were a catalyst for the uprisings that spread across several Arab nations.  Looking to the future “The key message we wanted to express was to be aggressive about locking in input costs. You need them for the growing season. You need them to maximize your crops. From a price standpoint, get locked in. And from an availability standpoint, you want to make sure you have inputs for the season,” say McNew. McNew says that when he presented his findings at this year’s Commodity Classic in New Orleans, he saw relief on farmer’s faces. McNew admits it won’t be easy for farmers to look at the markets now and be faced with high inputs. He says when farmers sit down and put pencil to paper to figure out their profitability, they may only see the short-term. But look to the long-term and realize that prices fluctuate and could potentially rise.  “I literally could see farmers’ shoulders relax when I told them that grain prices are not done. They are going to keep moving higher in the months ahead. And with that you could see that anxiety leave their body.”  Get the free report Watch a roundtable discussion with the authors of the report as they discuss some of the key report takeaways and get your free copy today. Members can access this report and more in the Reports section of the FBN app. Disclaimer : The views and opinions are solely those of the author as of the date of publication, are subject to change at any time due to market or economic conditions, will not be updated or supplemented after the date hereof and may not necessarily come to pass. The views and opinions expressed herein do not reflect those of all personnel at FBN BR LLC (FBN) or the views of the Farmer's Business Network Inc. as a whole.Neither Farmer's Business Network, Inc. nor any of its affiliates makes any representations or warranties, express or implied, as to the accuracy or completeness of the statements or any information contained in the material and any liability therefore is expressly disclaimed. FBN Market Advisory services are offered by FBN BR LLC, dba FBN Brokerage and FBN Market Advisory - NFA ID: 0508695. 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