FBN®, Greeneye Technology Announce Strategic Collaboration

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Jan 25, 2023

  • FBN to invest in Greeneye Technology Precision Spraying System and partner as a sales channel to fuel U.S. growth.

  • FBN will sell Greeneye systems with new customized crop protection and nutrition packages to reduce costs and drive ROI for growers.

  • In 2022 comprehensive FBN on-farm field trials, Greeneye’s precision spraying system reduced herbicide use by an average of 86%.

Greeneye and FBN Announce Strategic Collaboration Agreement

Greeneye Technology, the pioneer of AI precision ag spraying technology, and Farmers Business Network (FBN), the global AgTech platform and farmer-to-farmer network, today announced they have entered into a long-term strategic collaboration agreement to help farmers reduce weed control costs and drive profitability by combining Greeneye’s retrofit precision spraying systems and FBN’s Precision Spraying Packs – customized crop protection and nutrition plans which FBN is developing for use specifically with the Greeneye technology – and financing offerings.

The program will launch first in the U.S. for the 2024 growing season.

Also as part of the agreement announced today, FBN has led Greeneye’s current investment round through a significant investment which will fuel Greeneye’s growth and expansion in the U.S. market and beyond.

On-Farm Field Trialing Results

Last year, as a participant in FBN’s Innovators Research League, one of the largest on-farm field trial programs in North America, the Greeneye system reduced non-residual herbicide use by an average of 86%, while achieving the same weed control efficacy and crop yield as traditional broadcast spraying.

FBN will continue robust on-farm trials and data gathering to develop Precision Spraying Packs, combinations of crop protection, biologicals, and adjuvants for use with the Greeneye System to optimize both efficacy and cost-saving. FBN will also offer financing for both the Greeneye system and its Precision Spraying Packs. 

[Interested in participating in future field trials? Learn more about the FBN Innovators Research League and sign up for upcoming trials here.]

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Field Trial Results

A field trial undertaken by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Agricultural Research Division (ARD) last summer also found that the Greeneye system:

  • showed a 94% reduction in burndown herbicide use during pre-emergence spraying compared to broadcast application.

  • showed an 87% reduction in non-residual herbicide use during post-emergence spraying compared to broadcast application.

  • represented an overall cost saving to farmers of more than 60% while achieving the same, or similar, levels of efficacy compared to broad spraying.

What This Strategic Collaboration Means for Farmers

“The core mission of FBN is to drive farmer ROI potential. Whether that is through transparent list pricing, analytics, financing, direct to farm eCommerce or R&D - FBN is at its core a technology company that solves problems for our farmer members," said Matt Meisner, Vice President of R&D and Data Science at FBN. "Our Innovators Research League on-farm field trial program rigorously tests the best new ag technologies in real world conditions. Our trial results showed that Greeneye’s technology offers truly game changing potential for cost reduction and ROI. We're very excited to invest in and formalize our relationship with Greeneye Technology. This marks a new era for combining precision spraying with intelligent input crop protection and commerce."

The partnership with FBN opens up an important new sales channel for Greeneye, and is expected to accelerate the company’s leadership in the U.S precision spraying market, following its commercial launch last year. Greeneye has allocated dozens of systems for sale to FBN farmers in 2024, with the intention to significantly increase availability in the following season.

The Greeneye system harnesses proprietary AI technology in combination with cutting-edge hardware to unlock the advantages of precision spraying for farmers by overcoming previous barriers to adoption, including cost, speed and efficacy. It is suitable for both pre- and post-emergence applications, and it is designed to seamlessly integrate with any brand or size of commercial sprayer, removing the need for farmers to invest in costly new machines. In addition, its unique dual line/tank configuration enables precisions broadcast spraying to be carried out simultaneously, significantly increasing both productivity and efficacy.

Demand for the Greeneye system has been so high that all available units for 2023 were allocated by the end of last year.

Nadav Bocher, co-founder and CEO of Greeneye Technology, added, “Today’s announcement marks a major milestone in Greeneye and FBN’s shared mission to unlock the profit potential precision spraying offers growers. At Greeneye, we passionately believe the true value of precision spraying lies in the intersection between chemical reduction and cost savings, and the improvements in efficacy and yield that are achieved by precisely applying the best product to ensure ultimate weed control. For that we could not have asked for a better partner than FBN.”

Click here for more information about the FBN-Greeneye Precision Spraying Program.

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Jan 25, 2023

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