Innovative Research, In Real Life.

Real world testing of the latest ag technology in real-world environments with real farmers.

Innovators Research League™

Join a farmer-driven research network made up of FBN® members who test new and commercialized product concepts in real-life field conditions. Farmers are compensated for their time and get access to new and innovative technologies.

Companies looking to introduce new agricultural technologies can generate critical data on real-world performance from large-scale, on-farm field trials with FBN member farmers, access direct farmer feedback, and potentially gain access to commercial opportunities with FBN.

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Network Members


New Products

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Trial Acres

For Companies

Applied Product Development

Tap into the global FBN network of progressive farmers to generate deep, data-driven performance learning on your products on a broad set of acres, geographies, crops and conditions.

Now Accepting Applications

Our 2022 program included innovations in inoculants, biostimulants, biopesticides, biofertilizers and specialized fertilizer products. FBN is now accepting applications to trial even more cutting-edge agricultural technologies in 2023.

Expanded product categories include: biologicals, inputs, crops, robotics, sensors and more!

Don't Miss Your Chance

With our world-class data science capabilities and innovative direct-to-farm market access platform, FBN is the ideal partner to help discovery-based companies test, validate and potentially commercialize new technology.

Now’s the time to seize this opportunity to generate high-quality data that proves what your innovations can do.

Comprehensive Data Collection & Analysis

FBN’s data science expertise means you can have confidence in your product’s real-world performance.

Consultative Trial Design

We’ll help you with optimizing testing locations, protocols and data collection plans to ensure outcomes provide the actionable information you need to make decisions.

Farmer Recruitment

We use our data to build the right field profiles for your trial. Then, we utilize our internal recruitment capabilities to match the right farmers for your trials across a broad and representative set of environments and conditions.

Trial Execution

We manage trial execution for you, typically 40+ acre trials with 5-10 replicates, plus data collection from participating farmers.

Real-Time Data Analytics Dashboards

We make real-time analytics available to you on a dashboard so that you can keep tabs on trial status. Plus, receive robust in-season reports and analysis to go deeper on product performance.

Application & Yield Data

Cleaned and calibrated precision planting, chemical, fertilizer and biological application data and yield data.

Satellite Imagery

High-resolution satellite imagery and crop health analytics.

Terrain Information

Soil type, soil nutrient, soil microbial, tissue sampling and terrain information.

Weather Information

Field-level weather information on over 10 factors.

Yield Impacts

Analyze consistency of product performance.

Yield Effect

Quantify the regions, soils, genetics, weather and environmental conditions where products perform best.
What our partners are saying

Partner with FBN

"As an early-stage company getting our products in the hands of growers is a real challenge. That is why our relationship with Farmers Business Network® has been so critical in our ability to develop our products, see a path to commercialization and understand how to best fit to the growers’ practices. That in of itself is a huge advantage but the quality of the trials run by FBN are far superior to our experience with Universities or CRO’s."

- James Pierce, Chief Science Officer, Boost Biomes

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Connect With Our Team

Connect With Our Team

Complete the form below to express interest in trialing your product through the Innovators Research League™. A member of our team will get back to you shortly with more information.

Farmers First®

Technology Testing By Farmers For Farmers

The research and development program at FBN is focused on accelerating new innovations in agricultural technology to improve grower profitability, while enhancing the sustainability of agricultural production.

Real-world Data

Small-scale and greenhouse trials can provide useful information but they’re no match for the scale and realism of testing products with real farmers, on real farms, in real-life situations to cover a comprehensive range of environmental conditions and farming practices.

Testing New Products

By testing new and commercialized products at scale on real farms, the Innovators Research League of farmers generates unbiased data to evaluate performance of technologies in different environments for a true picture of their impact on farm performance and profitability.

Join the League

When you join, you get a firsthand look at new, emerging products and technologies with agronomy support throughout the season. 

You’ll also get compensated for your time, a customized product analysis report at the end of the season, and free product and League gear. 

By contributing to the value of the network by sharing your learnings, you’ll be able to join networking sessions with fellow farmers and and gain exclusive access to the Innovators Research League Community forum. 

Register Your Farm

Register your farm today to join the League and join a network of innovative product developers and cutting-edge farmers who are bringing innovation to the real world.

For more information, contact program manager R.J. Krekeler at