Recent Minnesota Farm Land Sale Trends

German Mandrini

Jan 17, 2023

Recent farmland transaction data helps growers understand the potential market value of land they're considering purchasing, refinancing, or selling. 

FBN®'s state- and regionally-specific land values reporting provides timely, actionable transaction data to growers on a regular basis using the more relevant land value metric of $/plantable acre rather than the more common $/gross acre. This value helps farmers better assess the potential ROI of a parcel of land they may be considering.

Minnesota Top Cropland Sales

Minnesota Representative Cropland Sales

Minnesota Top Land Sales


Sale Date

Total Price

Price per Acre

Total Acreage





55.41 ac





55.41 ac





53.75 ac





159.82 ac





161.42 ac

Minnesota Representative Land Sales


Sale Date

Total Price

Price per Acre

Total Acreage





42.869 ac





40.319 ac

Blue Earth




153.783 ac





76.335 ac





160.586 ac

FBN Farmland Value Data Collection and Analysis Process

To create these analyses, the FBN data science team first collects and analyzes publicly-available data about farmland real estate transactions. Representative sales are selected from recent transactions with approximately average soil productivity for the region. 

Next, the team enhances the basic transaction data with estimated plantable/tillable acreage to report sale value in terms of $/plantable acre. This $/plantable acre metric enables a fairer comparison of land values across farm properties which may have different amounts of non-plantable acreages like forest or wetland. 

Excluded from these assessments are farmland sales in which buildings and/or urban development potential may contribute substantially to the sale price. 

Ready to Finance a Land Purchase? 

If, after considering recent land sale trends and other real estate transaction data, you’re interested in making a land purchase decision, it may be worth exploring your available financial options. 

With an average of 15+ years each in ag finance experience, FBN Finance loan advisors are available to answer any questions you may have on land loans, the application process, or which financial option may be the best fit for your operation. 

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German Mandrini

Jan 17, 2023

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