What It Means to Join a Farmer-based Seed Network

Charles Baron

Aug 20, 2018

Farmers now have greater confidence and power when it comes to selecting and purchasing seed—F2F Genetics Network™ from Farmers Business Network creates transparency on seed price, yield performance and genetics.

We’re getting rid of the games and gimmicks that define seed buying—like lack of transparency on pricing, hidden discounts and product performance, sweetheart deals, zone pricing, and confusing genetic identity, which makes it incredibly difficult to know if you're paying a fair price for seed, or you're getting the right genetics for your farm.

Why Join a Seed Network?

  • Farmers are participating in accelerated seed innovation (versus just passively consuming what seed companies determine is best for them)

  • Simplified structure of bringing new genetics at a lower cost direct to farm

  • Transparency on data, pricing and genetic/parental lineage of seed so you can manage risk at whatever level fits your farm best

1. A Seed Network Gets Farmers Closer to Breeders

For the first time, a farmer doesn't have to rely on the product development process of a multinational seed company. Instead, farmers have the opportunity to work directly with hybrids and varieties coming from a network of breeders. The breeders are then able to develop and identify high-performing genetics, and farmers can then help them to identify the traits that will work well for those genetics on your farm.

By bringing new and different genetics separately from trait technology, we have the opportunity to bring to you products that work at a lower cost. When you plant them, you and other farmers in the network are contributing anonymized product performance data that helps to create the industry’s only unbiased and transparent dataset on seed.

When farmers and breeders are working more closely together, farmers can actually help drive new seed development. This means breeders then have access to anonymized, aggregated, real-world performance data they can use to develop new seed with a thorough understanding of micro-environments and agronomics. Our breeder network will have more access to more unique field environments than any other group of breeders.

2. Farmers Play a Big Part of Seed Development

Isn’t it time that you helped shape the future of seed genetics around your own farm instead of the seed industry shaping it for you?

As part of a seed network, farmers earn their low price and top performers by shaping the technology the plant and grow, by driving research and innovation on their own farms, and going from consumers to creators of seed. Because farmers are a part of the seed development process, you have the opportunity to help breeders understand exactly how those products perform in terms of unique soil types, soil productivity and plant populations, as well as many other agronomic variables that you manage on your farm. And you’ll have an ability to hold back seed for one additional planting and harvest season*

3. Transparency on Performance Data, Pricing, and Genetics

We focus on seed products that can bring profitability to your farm alongside more complete data transparency, so you can understand how to manage the hybrids or varieties you choose. This is the first time ever that farmers are going to be able to have more transparency over the performance and genetic lineage of products that they're planting.  You won’t have to count on a company agronomist or district manager to be transparent, you will have the actual real-world data.

And we’re not bound to confusing licensing and trait agreements, so we have more flexibility in what we offer than multinational seed companies do. We are not handcuffed to specific genetic or trait packages. Farmers in the seed network will also get a first look each year at new hybrids or varieties released in the spring by participating in our F2F Trailblazers program.

We’re also cutting out multiple layers of distribution that increase cost and cause confusion around product performance. If you participate in the network you get access to insights—no games, no gimmicks.

4. Direct-to-Farm Seed at a Lower Cost

Buying seed direct to farm from the F2F Genetics Network means you can get the the right varieties and hybrids for your farm without haggling or being controlled by big multinational seed companies. And by shipping direct to your farm, we can get youhigh-performing genetics at a price every farm can afford.

FBN was created to give farmers more power and better options when they go to buy seed. It's at the core of our network, and the core of our principle as a data-sharing community. F2F Genetics Network puts farmers first combining our independent network of breeders, universities, and technology companies with cutting-edge data science and the FBN farmer-to-farmer network.

*Additional terms & conditions apply and are subject to change.

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Charles Baron

Aug 20, 2018