Charles Baron

Charles is Chief Marketing Officer and Co-founder of FBN, where he guides the development of the breakthrough farmer-to-farmer network. Previously, Charles was a program manager at Google where he started and led product, investment and research initiatives in advanced energy technologies. Charles’ passion for farming developed after working a corn harvest on his brother-in-law’s farm in Arapahoe, Nebraska, prior to joining Google. Charles earned a bachelor’s degree from Dartmouth and an MBA from Harvard with coursework at MIT.

Nov 03, 2022

by Charles Baron

It’s been a few years but Farmer2FarmerVI is back bigger and better in December 2022. We’re heard from hundreds of farmer members who are looking forward to reconnecting at F2F this year. [Register now to get your ticket today] We’ve missed connecting with farmers through these tough times, but we’r

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Our Promise to You in These Challenging Times

Mar 22, 2020

by Charles Baron

A message to our members from Charles Baron, Co-Founder of Farmers Business Network ℠ All of us at FBN are deeply grateful for the partnership that we have with you, our members. Now, more than ever, the world is counting on farmers. The health and safety of our community is our first and most impor

Jan 13, 2020

by Charles Baron

Today we welcomed the 10,000th farmer into the FBN℠ network! It’s a moment worthy of celebration, and one that impacts each and every one of us within this interconnected community of farmers. When Farmers Business Network℠ formed in 2014, we set out to transform industry practices that had been unf

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8 New Things You Can Do with FBN Analytics℠

Apr 19, 2019

by Charles Baron

1. Understand what is affecting your yields inside all your fields. Which fields did you overplant? In the new FBN Analytics , you can see how your yields varied by seeding rates, planting speed, elevation, crop rotation and Soil Productivity Index inside every field for any growing season. By selec

Aug 20, 2018

by Charles Baron

Farmers now have greater confidence and power when it comes to selecting and purchasing seed— F2F Genetics Network™ from Farmers Business Network creates transparency on seed price, yield performance and genetics. We’re getting rid of the games and gimmicks that define seed buying—like lack of trans

Mar 27, 2017

by Charles Baron

SAN CARLOS, California - March 27, 2017: Farmer’s Business Network, Inc., the independent farmer-to-farmer network, announced today its plan to create an additional 60 full-time positions, on top of previously announced hiring, nationwide to support its rapid growth in its contributory farmer inform

May 19, 2015

by Charles Baron

F has been honored to partner with some of the most entrepreneurial, future thinking farmers in the world. Over the last year, we set out to connect farmers and enable them to get the most powerful, trusted insights about their farms, inputs, and practices. We believe the power of farm information s