Proudly Farmers First  SM

FBN  SM is on a mission to create a future of farming that puts Farmers First by democratizing information, providing unbiased analytics, and creating competition for farmers’ business.

Farm-Born Values

Farmers are the ultimate entrepreneurs — managing complex businesses on their own when the odds are often stacked against them. FBN strives to have the same values and work ethic as the farmer entrepreneurs in the network. Many FBN team members are farmers, grew up on farms, or have a deep connection to the land, so this is personal.

Farmers First

Independent and Unbiased

Honesty, Fairness, and Trust

Democratizing Information

Conceived by Farmers, Built by Innovators, and Improved Together

The FBN Network came about when farmers wanted to develop an independent, unbiased, and objective farmer-driven information source — no marketing fluff, just the facts on raw performance. They knew that if they could share their agronomic precision data with one another, they could all make better decisions on seeds and agronomics.

Working together, they knew they could learn vastly more than by looking only at just their own farms, thereby unlocking the true power of the precision farm data they’d paid for. These farmers wanted objective information on seeds, fertility, soils and dreamed of what might be discovered scientifically from having more data. They wanted transparency and to be treated fairly in the market. They wanted to build a company that reflected their values and truly put them, the farmers, first.

When these innovative farmers met with technologists, scientists, and entrepreneurs, this dream become a reality — Farmers Business Network  SM. At every point along the way, the FBN team has listened closely to its earliest farmers and dozens of farmer advisors to make sure the network is building a future of farming that truly puts Farmers First.

What started as the dream of a handful of farmers in 2014 spread to a network of thousands of America’s best farmers managing over 8 million acres in just two years. As each new farmer joins the FBN Network, every member’s seed information, agronomic analytics, and buying power gets stronger. When farmers connect, farmers win - and the services, technology, and network keep growing.

Want to Work for Farmers Business Network?

Outstanding companies are built by outstanding people. The FBN team goes to work everyday to ensure American farmers stay profitable while they feed the world. Want to join?

Who Makes Up FBN

Farm raised or farmers themselves, the Farmer Experience Team focuses on making your farm thrive.
  • Adam Tuschen
    South Dakota
  • Alex Gasper
  • Alissa Thompson
  • Amanda McArthur
  • Amelia Coyle
  • Andrew Nathan
  • Andrew Wetovick
  • Aqueena Clennett
  • Aryel Smith
    South Dakota
  • Austin Lucht
    South Dakota
  • Beth Killingsworth
  • Bill Prince
  • Brady Adriaansen
  • Brady Bunde
    South Dakota
  • Brady King
    South Dakota
  • Breagen Jamieson
  • Brenda Mikel
    South Dakota
  • Brennan Baune
    South Dakota
  • Brian Fleury
  • Brian Van Heerde
    South Dakota
  • Brock Hanten
    South Dakota
  • Bruce Lantzky
  • Bryce Hogness
    North Dakota
  • Chad Pater
    South Dakota
  • Chet Stuemke
  • Clay Anderson
    South Dakota
  • Clinton Roush
  • Cody Beck
    South Dakota
  • Colin Miller
    South Dakota
  • Cooper Kruesel
    South Dakota
  • Cotton Rohrscheib
  • Dan Hawkins
  • Dawn Burroughs
  • Diana DeHart
  • Drew Loneman
    South Dakota
  • Eric Wedig
  • Erik Ahlen
  • Evan Harrison
  • Gregory Richey
  • Haley Olsen
    South Dakota
  • Isaac Randall
    South Dakota
  • J.C. Clements
    South Dakota
  • JaSondra Schmidt
    North Dakota
  • Jack Cooney
    South Dakota
  • Jake Ernst
    South Dakota
  • Jake Samuelson
    South Dakota
  • Jared Moore
  • Jason Blankenheim
    South Dakota
  • Jason Hawkinson
  • Jeffery Johnson
    South Dakota
  • Jesse Cook
    North Dakota
  • Jessica Young
  • Joanna Baatz
    South Dakota
  • John Walker
    South Dakota
  • Jordan Hitchcock
    South Dakota
  • Joshua Ring
    South Dakota
  • Joshua Swallow
  • Justus Bass
    South Daktoa
  • Kaitlin Hoinacki
    South Dakota
  • Karen Petersen
    South Dakota
  • Kevin Hoffschneider
  • Kevin Van Gessel
  • Kip Jangula
    North Dakota
  • Kirt Wells
  • Krista Petersen
    South Dakota
  • Krista Schoeppner
    South Dakota
  • Kurt Wilson
  • Langston Newton
    South Dakota
  • LeAnn Keller
  • Les Riley
  • Marc Fortin
  • Mark Neitzke
    South Dakota
  • Mark Ruesch
    South Dakota
  • Matt Dahle
    South Dakota
  • Matt Herrmann
  • Matt Meehan
    South Dakota
  • Matt Pflum
  • Matthew Hoxmeier
  • Michael Hebdon
  • Michael Myhre
    North Dakota
  • Mick Nelson
    South Dakota
  • Nathan Adrian
    South Dakota
  • Nathan Graphenteen
    South Dakota
  • Neil McCormick
  • Nicholas Becker
  • Nick Lund
  • Nick Miller
    South Dakota
  • Pete Edlefson
    South Dakota
  • Rachel Christopherson
    South Dakota
  • Railey Brown
  • Rebecca Sinn
  • Regan Miller
  • Regina Minary
    South Dakota
  • Robin Bush
  • Ryan Mills
    South Dakota
  • Sangeeta Motwani
  • Scott Scruggs
    South Dakota
  • Steve Arnoldy
    South Dakota
  • Steven Maxted
  • Tate Stensgaard
    South Dakota
  • Taylor Hoekstra
    South Dakota
  • Timothy Bjordal
    South Dakota
  • Todd Underwood
  • Travis Fawcett
    South Dakota
  • Trystin Pell
  • Tucker Dirbas
    South Dakota
  • Ty Oswald
  • Tyler Haudrich
    South Daktoa
  • Tyler Kroh
    South Dakota
  • Walter Beesley
  • Will Hightower
We are scientists, engineers, farmers, and entrepreneurs passionate about solving difficult problems. We’re maniacally focused on building amazing products and creating great experiences and value for growers. Together, our team has decades of experience in agronomy, precision agriculture, data science, technology, and farming.
  • Alex Macdonald, PhD
    Software Developer
  • Alexander Mohr
    Software Developer
  • Althea Dyer
    Senior Corporate Paralegal
  • Amanda Eller
    Product Maketing Manager
  • Amanda Webb
    Commercial Credit and Risk Analyst
  • Amol Deshpande
  • Andy Cahoy
    Head of Sales Development
  • Anthony Vong
    Financial Analyst
  • August Buchberger
    Senior Crop Merchandiser
  • Austin Killin
    Growth Associate
  • Ben Harms
    Head of Strategy and Operations, Crop Marketing
  • Brandon Caudell
    Software Developer
  • Brant Caley
    Seed Marketing Manager
  • Charles Baron
    VP of Product
  • Chase Warner
    Supply Manager
  • Chelsie Miller
    HR Manager
  • Chris Brichford
    Software Developer
  • Cody Bills
    Head of Commodity Operations
  • Corey Speirs
    Order Fulfillment Manager
  • Corey Woodward
    Senior Operational Accounting Manager
  • Craig Sadler
    Operations Engineer
  • Dan English
    GM FBN Finance
  • Daniel Zook
    Community Manager
  • Danny Turkovich
    Product Manager
  • Dennis Kautz
    Head of Sales Development
  • Devin Lammers
    Head of Growth
  • Ed Rowe
    VP of Engineering
  • Ellen Childress
  • Eric Carnell
    VP Corporate General Counsel
  • Eric Scott
    Supply Chain Analyst
  • Esta Kor
    Office Manager
  • Fei Teng, MS
    Software Developer
  • Garrett Larimer
    Senior Accountant
  • Glen Fafard
    Senior Sales Manager - Canada
  • Ian Goding
    Trade Execution Coordinator
  • Iris Xu
    Software Engineer (Back End)
  • Ivan Ven Osdel
    Software Developer
  • Jane Peng
    Experienced Staff Accountant
  • Jayant Ahalawat
    Data Scientist
  • Jeffrey Drimmer
    Head of Logistics
  • Jo Ellen Krchnak
    Supply Chain Office Manager
  • John Brutty
    Senior Sales Manager, Grain Marketing Services
  • Jon Hackbarth
    Product Manager
  • Jordan Taylor
    Product Manager
  • Josh Lewis
    Software Developer
  • Kaylie Leuthold
    Office Manager
  • Kelby Kleinssasser
    VP Operations
  • Kenton Small
    Business Systems Analyst
  • Kevin Hagen
    Warehouse Manager
  • Kim Mazur
    Order Fulfillment Specialist
  • Kimberly Eisermann
    Accounts Receivable Specialist
  • Kira Dylla
    Learning & Development Manager
  • Kyle Schmitt
    Senior Purchasing & Planning Agent
  • Lauren Fosheim
    Events Manager
  • Lindsay Clairmont
    Data Collections Specialist
  • Lucas Strom
    VP Business Development
  • Maria Olide
  • Mark Willey
    Software Developer
  • Matthew Meisner, PhD
    Data Scientist
  • Merrill Friesen
  • Michael Snyder
    VP Inputs
  • Mutian Niu
    Data Scientist
  • Olga Girard
    Head of Strategic Finance and Investor Relations
  • Paul Rosenfield, MS
    Data Scientist
  • Peter Sherman
    Finance Credit and Operations Manager
  • Pranjal Gaur
    Staff Accountant
  • Rachel Cordell
    Order Fulfillment Specialist
  • Richard Liu
    VP Finance, Corporate Controller
  • Rob Hamlin
    Supply Chain Manager
  • Sally Krueger
    Marketing Manager
  • Sanat Dave
    VP Supply Chain
  • Sara Williams
    Head of People
  • Sarah Benson
    Merchandising Assistant
  • Shannon Fong
    Marketing Associate
  • Steele Lorenz
    Crop Marketing Intern
  • Stephen Lew
    G&A Recruiter
  • Steven Sick
    Product Expert, Seed
  • Tan Doan
    Software Developer
  • Tom Staples
    GM, Canada
  • Wilfred Davies
    Environmental Health and Safety Manager
  • Yaodong Hu, PhD
    Data Scientist
  • Yoni Ackerman
    Data Scientist
  • Zach Conrad
    Product Manager
Farmers Business Network works with leaders in agriculture and technology to deliver the best possible service to farmers and their trusted advisers.
  • Eli Collins
    Chief Technologist Cloudera
  • Eric Feng
    CTO Flipboard
    Former CTO, Hulu
  • Rick Tolman
    Former CEO National Corn Growers Association
Farmers Business Network is built to last. We are fortunate to have partnered with incredible investors who have helped build amazing companies in technology, food, and agriculture. Our investors are committed for the long-term to our mission of empowering growers.

See How FBN Finance Can Help Your Operation Grow

  • Technology & Operations
    San Carlos, CA
  • Farmer Experience
    Sioux Falls, South Dakota
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