Community Builder of the Month: Marty Rodda

Mark Wilson

Mar. 23, 2022

Marty Rodda joined the FBN™ Community Builder program as an independent Community Builder in 2021. For the past 5 years, Marty has worked for Lienert Engineering in Kimba, South Australia. When the business decided to venture into rural products (animal, chemical and fencing), it seemed like a perfect fit for Marty to become a Community Builder.

Marty’s background is deeply rooted in agriculture. He’s helped his father and fellow farmers all of his life. Having grown up on a farm, he’s in the perfect position to assist growers in his local community. 

The idea of delivering farmers an alternative in the marketplace with transparent pricing that returns value was what drew Marty to FBN and the Community Builder program. 

One of the advantages FBN brings to the table for Lienert Engineering is that it can offer better pricing and supply while still continuing to support its local communities. 

“Farmers in Kimba and surrounding areas see the benefit of both transparent pricing and direct-to-farm delivery,” says Marty.

“FBN also wants to support locals and have the ability to do this with me being a Community Builder. Prices are not hidden; they’re available for all growers to see online.”

Why he became a Community Builder

Marty’s main reason for being a Community Builder is to add an additional offering in the farming community and to challenge the mindset of growers and attitudes to look at FBN Direct® and its model of direct-to-farm service. 

It also allows him to give back to his community and expand the demographic of growers in the Eyre Peninsula.

“As a Community Builder, the key messages I communicate to my growers about FBN are price transparency, free direct-to-farm delivery and exceptional customer service.”

“Agriculture in the future will continue to see intermittent supply and demand issues. As part of the Australian landscape, FBN® will assist all farmers of all sizes and locations in having access to transparent and competitive prices. I am excited to see the new products FBN brings to market.” 

Interested in diversifying your income?

Become an FBN Community Builder today. 

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Mark Wilson

Mar. 23, 2022