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Nov 21, 2022

Farmer2FarmerVI, FBN®’s global conference for ag professionals, is themed around optimizing the potential ROI of your Ag operation and the idea of being “Back in the Black” for its sixth annual event this year. With three days packed full of insightful educational sessions, expert presentations, networking and business opportunities, inspirational keynote speakers, trade show demonstrations, and more, this year’s event promises to be even bigger and better than previous years. 

Keep reading for a preview of some of the most anticipated sessions at Farmer2Farmer 2022. 

Day 1: FBN University Training Sessions

Livestock University

Cow-Calf, Swine & Dairy, and Feedlot sessions will feature in-depth educational training with our expert veterinarians, nutritionists, insurance and biosecurity experts. 

Farm Finance University 

Aimed at helping you up your game as farm CEO with more advanced tactics, these sessions will include presentations from FBN experts on risk management, insurance, and farmland insights drawing from the latest research and data from the FBN network.

Climate in Ag Summit with NASA Harvest

With three overarching sessions on themes including “How to Maintain Farm Profitability Despite Weather Volatility” and “How to Prepare Your Operation for a Changing Climate,” the Summit will explore the critical role farmer engagement plays in shaping the frontier of today’s digital agricultural revolution. Featured speakers from NASA Harvest, FBN, farming and ranching operations, and other groups will also discuss how to assess the impacts of climate change on agricultural production and the business case for adopting more data-driven conservation practices across your farming operation without sacrificing long-term profitability. 

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Day 2: Insightful Panels and Presentations

Biologicals: Do They Work? What Farmers Need to Know

While once considered just an option for organics, biologicals are now mainstream in both conventional and organic operations. This session will offer the latest insights on the state of biologicals, show you how to determine if biological products could help your operation, and highlight which biological products producers are finding success with. 

Farm Bill: Show Me the Money

The Farm Bill has been the main policy vehicle for farmers and rural America, but has its impact shifted in light of recent developments? Distinguished farm policy leaders will delve into whether the Farm Bill offers support or potential resolution for critical issues like input pricing, supply chain disruptions, labor and immigration, environmental regulations, and water access.

Seed Trends for 2023

When it's time to order seed, why are you choosing the seeds you’re purchasing? For most growers, the answer to that question has become quite complex. Join us as our featured agronomic speakers discuss which trends and innovations in the seed world they think about heading into the next planting season from hybrids to traits to treatments.

Financial Management: Cash Flow in a High Interest Rate Environment

As interest rates continue to rise, it’s important to review your cash flow and management strategies. Hear what our panelists have to say about short-term operating lines or long-term debt strategies and refinancing options in order to secure better rates and put your operation in the best position.

Implementing & Monetizing Regenerative Ag: Successes and Failures

Conservation practices can have major benefits on the long term health and profitability of your farm. In this session, our featured speakers will honestly discuss both their wins and losses in implementing and monetizing regenerative practices in their operations.

Want to Start Farming? The Most Innovative Strategies from Startup Farmers

Hear from the next generation of farmers about how they leverage online platforms to get started and cement their unique place in farming. 

Canadian Market Outlook 2023

A huge 2022 harvest following last year’s drought-induced short crop has produced a record-breaking harvest in Canada. Hear from commodity experts and producer specialists as they share their lessons learned from the rebound harvest of ‘22, the conditions that will or have already impacted ‘23, and what producers across the country need to know about next year’s market.

Data Science in Agriculture

What is data science, and how can it benefit your farm? A perennial Farmer2Farmer favorite, this talk has historically helped thousands of producers better understand how to leverage data on their operations. Listen to FBN’s Data Science leaders as they walk through the basics of statistical analysis, the benefits of data-driven decision making, and the insights and tools that FBN has developed to give you a unique advantage in your operation.

Day 3: FBN Business Trainings

Learn about a range of products and financial services available through FBN and FBN Finance, including: 

  • Crop Protection Lineup, Biologicals & Acre Pack Training

  • Finance & Insurance Programs

  • How to Become an FBN Community Builder

  • Livestock & Livestock Insurance

  • Seed & Seed Treatments Lineup 2023

  • Sustainability Programs & Contracts

  • Field Trial Program 2023

  • Canadian Programs 2023

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Nov 21, 2022

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