FBN® Broadens Crop Protection Portfolio to Support Canadian Growers

As we kick off the new year, we’re excited to announce a series of FBN products and service upgrades that will help Canadian growers scale their ag operations in 2024. 

With the addition of new proprietary crop protection products, the launch of an innovative digital tool to streamline chem purchasing decisions, and enhancements to our delivery capabilities, FBN is putting Farmers First® to deliver the ag solutions you need to run a successful operation this season.

New Proprietary Products

FBN aims to further support wheat growers for a successful 2024 season by offering six new crop protection products this year, including:  

Additionally, three new FBN Co-Packs make it easy to streamline your weed control strategy by purchasing multiple products from the Canadian cereals portfolio as a combined product pack. Products are pre-packaged on one pallet, making it even more convenient to apply multiple modes of action to optimize your crop. New Co-Packs for 2024 include: 

To further diversify our product portfolio to ensure we meet our members’ unique needs, we also continue to explore strategic supplier relationships. This includes the recent addition of Maxunitech Sulfentrazone 480SC, a pre-emergent herbicide intended to control kochia and other weeds in soybeans, chickpeas, field peas, flax, and sunflowers, now available for purchase from FBN

Optimized Platform Tools

To help farmers simplify their crop planning decisions for the upcoming season, FBN recently introduced AcrePlanTM, the industry's premier digital tool for chem planning and purchasing. 

Offering chem pass recommendations for barley, canola, durum, field peas, spring wheat, and winter wheat, AcrePlan automatically calculates the volume of product a farmer should buy based on their acreage and shares a detailed cost per acre breakdown to help farmers make informed decisions for their operation.

Enhanced Shipping Capabilities 

To help ensure that our 9,700+ Canadian members have reliable, timely access to the inputs they need, FBN has enhanced delivery services across Canada.

Following last year's opening of FBN's flagship Canadian warehouse in Saskatoon, our enhanced logistics network with eight fulfillment centers across Canada now means that the vast majority of our members in Canada are within 400 kilometers of a fulfillment centre

Our logistics network analyzes data such as regional weather patterns, national supply trends, and market insights to ensure inventory is appropriately distributed. This helps farmers have the seed inputs, biological nutrients, and ​​crop protection they need for their ag operations and helps maintain Canada’s stalwart agricultural reputation. 

Shop Crop Protection Products from FBN 

Our new proprietary crop protection products, AcrePlan crop planning tool, and state-of-the-art delivery and logistics network double-down on our commitment to put Farmers First® in 2024. 

Visit FBN Direct® today to explore our available products and get the inputs you need delivered directly to your farm on your schedule.  

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