The 4 Steps of the FBN® Quality Assurance Process

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Nov 01, 2023

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At FBN®, our product development, supply chain and customer experience teams are dedicated to ensuring quality at every step of the product development, delivery and application processes. From the very first stage of product ideation to the moment that product is finally applied to your field, the entire FBN team is focused on making sure all FBN products are working as intended and as effectively as possible. 

FBN products go through a rigorous quality assurance procedure, ensuring quality at each stage of a four-step quality process. 

Quality Planning

When initially developing a new FBN product, the team starts by talking to farmers. Our team of agronomists and product developers speak with FBN members and customers to see what kinds of products they need, what problems they’re facing in their fields, and any other challenges for which we may be able to develop solutions. 

During the product development process, the team primarily considers in-field performance, manufacturing considerations, tank mix compatibility, and shelf life — but the complete list of product development considerations is actually much longer, with factors such as density, particle size, active ingredient specifications, and wetting time all being taken into account. 

Quality Assurance

After initially developing a new product, the team runs stringent tests to make sure it works properly and effectively prior to launching large-scale manufacturing. This multi-phase testing process involves in-house testing with our internal team, external laboratory testing, and real-world field trial testing with members of the Innovators Research League.  

In-House Testing

During their product assessment process, FBN team members aren’t just looking at the product and its agronomic performance; they’re also considering formulation quality, adherence to manufacturing specifications and product packaging details. Beyond the product’s efficacy, they’re determining whether it can be produced and delivered to FBN customers safely, cleanly, and efficiently. 

Laboratory Testing

To ensure our FBN product efficacy and performance is as good as or better than the branded product, we invest millions of dollars every year conducting laboratory tests, which include stability studies and physico-chemical testing on factors like viscosity, pH and density, and formulation testing, which includes emulsion stability, persistent foaming, pourability and suspensibility.

Field Trial Testing with the Innovators Research League

The Innovators Research League represents a game-changing approach to new product development, offering farmers an opportunity to be directly involved in new product development alongside FBN while getting compensated for their time and earning exclusive access to new, innovative technologies. 

In turn, these insights on real-world, on-farm product performance help accelerate the data-driven adoption of new technologies and products in the ag sector. 

[Learn more about and apply to join the Innovators Research League by clicking here.]

Quality Control

Once the product has been approved for manufacturing and is ready for purchase, the team continues to track product performance and early-stage customer feedback to ensure the end use product is consistent with earlier performance testing results. Even after the initial product launch period, the team will continue to track long-term product performance and monitor customer comments regarding the product’s efficacy.  

Quality Improvement 

In the event that any potential product issues do arise, the FBN team is always available to address any customer concerns. The customer success team will quickly respond to any customer feedback on product quality and address the situation on an individualized basis. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your FBN purchase, click here to find contact information for our FBN support team

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Nov 01, 2023

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