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May 07, 2018

Hometown: Kapuskasing, Ontario, Canada

Education: Bachelors of Science in Bioresource Policy and Business Economics, University of Saskatchewan

Ag Background: Research and development intern at Dow Agroscience; wholesale fertilizer sales; regional fertilizer merchant; ag retail branch manager

Fun Fact: Marc is planning a ski mountaineering trip to the Kashmir region of India for winter 2019

Meet Marc Fortin, account executive with FBN in Calgary.

Marc grew up in a small northern Ontario community of Kapuskasing. His family transitioned from a dairy farm to the construction and logging industry. He wanted to study agriculture and settled on the University of Saskatchewan, as he says, “to the surprise of most of my peers in Ontario.”

Marc enjoys spending time outdoors with friends and family, camping, fishing and snowboarding, as well as wakesurfing, hunting and mountain biking. He is quite the home chef and loves to host large breakfasts for friends and family—pancakes are his favorite food.

He lived in Saskatoon for four years and has been living in Calgary for the past five years. Marc and his wife have been together for more than 12 years and have lived in six different cities, three provinces and two countries; they married this past July.

Marc was drawn to the ag industry because of the fast-paced innovation and the high-caliber people at all levels, from farmers to executives. He recently worked as a fertilizer wholesale rep, fertilizer merchant and as an ag retail branch manager.

Marc believes that FBN is going to revolutionize the ag retail space, and he is honored to be doing his part in Canada to better serve farmer-members. He joined the team at FBN in February 2018.

“There is a sense of pride I get from doing my part in feeding the world more efficiently and sustainably, and I find my work at FBN to be the most progressive way to make a positive impact to Canadian farms.”

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May 07, 2018