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See how a personalized insurance approach could make a difference for your ag operation.

Crop Insurance from FBN®

Guided by a Farmers First® mindset, FBN Insurance helps farmers effectively manage risk and protect their ag operation for future generations.

Crop insurance is a risk management tool that protects farmers against crop losses due to natural disasters, pests and other unforeseen events. In the event of difficult times, crop insurance can provide financial stability and security to help farmers recover from losses and continue to operate their farms. 

Since our founding, FBN has revolutionized the ag sector by using innovative technology to improve data transparency and accessibility in an effort to put Farmers First. Today, we apply that same data-driven approach to help farmers secure the best crop insurance coverage for their ag operations.

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Customized Coverage

Your farm is unique. Your insurance policy should be too. Don’t just follow your neighbors — get a policy tailored to your farm and personal risk tolerance. FBN is ready to help you design a fully integrated approach that keeps you secure in down years without dragging on your profits when times are good.

Simple Solutions

You shouldn’t have to re-learn the language of insurance every year. Our agents, specially equipped with proprietary analysis tools backed by the power of FBN data, will walk you through the crop insurance coverage selection process to provide a clear solution designed for your farm’s unique risk profile.

Trustworthy Team

Our team is here to build a long-term relationship with you, establishing stability and trust in times of unexpected weather or other perils. Offering a holistic risk management approach, our agents aren’t just limited to working with you on a single policy; they can provide a risk management strategy customized to your farm. 

FBN Crop Insurance Coverage Options

If you haven't gotten a second opinion on your crop insurance in the last few years, now is the time to see how a personalized approach to insurance could make a difference in your operation. FBN Insurance offers the following crop insurance coverage options:

Meet the FBN Insurance Team

At FBN, many of our insurance agents are farmers like you. They’re familiar with the risks associated with the ag industry and understand the unique challenges you may be facing, making them well equipped to help you design a risk management strategy that works for your crop insurance needs. 

If you feel it’s time for a new insurance agent who puts your operation first, get started by connecting with a member of our agent team below.


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Connect with a Crop Insurance Agent

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Strategically Manage Risk with FBN

Guided by a Farmers First® mindset, FBN Insurance offers a variety of coverage options to support you as you manage and grow your ag operation. In addition to multiple crop insurance coverage options, FBN Insurance also offers: