Hail Protection

Don't let storms erase your profit potential this year.
Protect against Hail, Wind, and more

Crop-Hail Insurance

Any farmer who is looking to protect their revenue, especially those in Tornado Alley or other hail prone areas should consider coverage from FBN®.

Weather can always present a risk to crops. Hail can be especially dangerous because it occurs without warning and can completely destroy a field in seconds.

Adequate coverage is paramount to protecting your revenue and livelihood. Your FBN Crop Insurance agent can customize Hail Coverage to your specific operation.

A Crop-Hail policy goes beyond protecting against hail damage. Depending on location and crop, it may also cover loss caused by fire, lightning, wind, vandalism, and malicious mischief.

What Should You Know Before Purchasing Crop-Hail Protection?

Crop-Hail is different from Multi-Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI). 

Farmers can have their MPCI and Hail with two different companies.

Hail coverage is not part of the federal crop insurance program and premiums are not federally subsidized. 

You may purchase Crop-Hail at any time during the growing season, even after minor damage has occurred. 

Some companies/coverages include stored grain and/or transit coverage.

Crop-Hail allows for smaller deductibles to cover spot losses and is intended to provide protection on an acre-by-acre basis.

You don’t have to cover all of your acres or crops.

A farmer and an FBN insurance agent reviewing a tablet inside a building

Coverage/Endorsements available:

Full/Basic/Dollar/Deductible Plans (Stand-alone Hail)

Companion Hail

Production Hail (100% - 120% depending on company)

Green Snap/Wind

Extra Harvest

Crops Most Vulnerable to Hail Damage:





Small Grains (Wheat, Barley, Oats, Rye)

And many others

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