Meet the Insurance Team

42 Agents, 26 Operation & Sales Support Staff, 600+ Years of Experience.

Meet the FBN® Insurance Team

Learn more about our experienced team of insurance agents who can help you maximize your profit potential.
Head of FBN Insurance

Lucas Strom

Lucas is based in Maple Park, IL and started with FBN Insurance in 2018. Previously worked at Cap Gemini and Deloitte Consulting. Lucas ran the Strom family farm operation from 2011 to 2019.

Headshot of FBN Insurance's Eric Sorensen
Director, Crop Insurance

Eric Sorensen

Eric is based in Urbandale, IA and has 26 years of crop insurance leadership. Eric was raised on a family farm in Corning, IA and enjoys family and traveling.

Headshot of FBN Insurance's Greg Boruff
Director, Business Development

Greg Boruff

Greg is based in Davenport, IA and has 21 years in crop insurance, 3 years in ag lending and 21 years in ag hedging and risk management. He was raised on a row crop farm.

Head of Livestock Insurance

Mike Fanning, Ph.D., PAS

Mike is based in Canton, TX and is a former Livestock Extension Specialist with 20+ years in risk management. He worked on friends' family ranches and ran a stocker operation. He enjoys hunting, fishing and ranching.

SE Regional Director/Crop Insurance Agent

Jimbo Griffen

Jimbo is based in Grenada, MS. He has 25 years of ag lending experience and 23 years working in crop insurance. He grew up on a family farm with cattle, row crop and catfish. He enjoys hunting, fishing, family time and grilling.

Headshot of FBN Insurance's Susie Harden
Sales Support Manager

Susie Harden

Susie is based in Atchison, KS and has 15 years of experience in the crop insurance industry. She was raised in farming community with a passion for agriculture. She enjoys being outdoors and watching her daughters' ball games.

Headshot of FBN Insurance's Don Moody
Sr. Sales Manager

Don Moody

Don is based in Collins, IA and has 23 years of experience in ag insurance. He has 25 years row crop experience and currently operates a cow calf operation. He enjoys beekeeping, woodworking and fishing.

Headshot of FBN Insurance's Frank Newell
Director of Sales, Crop Insurance

Frank Newell

Frank is based in Hiawatha, KS and has 33 years of insurance experience with 28 devoted to crop insurance. He enjoys family, football and basketball.

Headshot of FBN Insurance's Waylon Vogl
Quality Excellence Manager

Waylon Vogl

Waylon is based in Des Moines, IA and has 22 years in insurance sales and underwriting. He owns a Row Crop operation with father and brother in Southwest Iowa.

Program Manager, FBN Health

Jodi Baetsle

Jodi is based in Sioux Falls, SD and has 25 years in communications and insurance. She was raised in a small, rural Nebraska town and enjoys family, crafting, watching football and singing karaoke.

Crop Insurance Agent

James Bennett

James is based in Livermore, CA and has 10 years of insurance experience in underwriting and sales. He owns and operate a small club lamb operation with his wife.

Headshot of FBN Insurance's Billy Carpenter
Crop Insurance Agent

Billy Carpenter

Billy is based in Cleveland, MS and has 24 years experience in ag with 15 years in crop insurance. He was raised around and worked for row crop. He enjoys hunting and fishing and spending time with his 3 boys.

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