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Revenue Protection

Whole Farm Revenue Protection

Whole Farm Revenue Protection (WFRP) is a federal crop insurance policy that protects against the loss of expected farm revenue.

Benefits of WFRP:

In some cases, you can access increased credit with WFRP

Allows for expanded operations and further diversification

Contains eligibility for ALL commodities

Covers revenue generated from livestock

How it works: 

All commodities on the farm are insured under one policy.

WFRP can be stand alone or act as an umbrella to an MPCI campaign.

You may insure 50-85% of the calculated Allowable Revenue.

Allowable Revenue is the lessor of the Current Expected Revenue vs. Historical Revenue (average five-year Schedule F Revenue).

Claims are settled after taxes are filed for the insurance year.

Comparison Example

Expected Corn Revenue:

$680/acre x 524 acres = $356,230

Expected Soybean Revenue:

$391/acre x 450 = $175,950

Expected Cow/Calf Revenue:

150 head x $1.50/head gain = $100,940

Total Revenue: $633,120

WFRP Guarantee (at 85%): $538,152

Table comparing MPCI to WFRP

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