New FBN® Blending Facility Strengthens Ag Chem Availability, Quality

FBN recently opened a new blending facility in Mississippi that enhances our ability to provide a reliable supply of high-quality, fairly priced ag chem to farmers across the United States. 

Installed within an existing FBN fulfillment center in Olive Branch, a strategic logistics hub in the Memphis metropolitan area, the new 125,000-square-foot blending facility unlocks a new era in our crop protection business. Designed to process raw materials into key active ingredients for herbicides and other crop protection products, the new FBN facility brings liquid blending capabilities in-house to optimize quality control and get product into the hands of farmers faster. 

To ensure FBN customers have access to the key ag chem products they need when they need them, the new blending facility delivers: 

  • Faster production speeds, meaning more inventory ready for rapid shipping and delivery when you need it most

  • More efficient response time to surges in product demand and fewer supply chain variables, meaning consistent and reliable product availability

This FBN facility further supports our efficient delivery capabilities. This strategic location placement means U.S. farmers can get most of their FBN orders delivered directly to their farm within three days.

Get the Crop Protection Products You Need from FBN

With a wide selection of both branded and generic crop protection products available online for easy purchasing at any time, transparent pricing, and direct-to-farm delivery based on your schedule, FBN makes it easy to get the chem products you need when you need them. 

FBN offers a diverse range of crop protection products, including:

Looking to easily calculate chem quantities and costs per acre? Let AcrePlanTM do the math for you. Streamline chem planning with the industry’s only digital planning and purchasing tool, now available exclusively from FBN. Click here to learn more about AcrePlan

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