Streamline Chem Input Purchases with New AcrePlan Tool

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Nov 01, 2023

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We are excited to announce the launch of AcrePlan, a new digital crop chemical planning tool designed to put Farmers First® by streamlining the ag chem planning and purchase process. 

Created with input from FBN® agronomists, AcrePlan is the only digital chem program planning and purchasing tool currently available in the agriculture market. It is the next agronomic evolution of the FBN AcrePack.  

How Does AcrePlan Help Farmers? 

AcrePlan enables farmers to plan, price, and purchase individual passes for various chemical applications throughout the entire season and add it all to their cart at once, simplifying what can otherwise be a complicated, time-consuming process. 

Available AcrePlan pass options include: 

  • Burndown

  • Pre emergence

  • Post emergence

  • Fungicide and insecticide 

AcrePlan even does the math for farmers by providing transparent and upfront dynamic pricing: 

  • Per acre

  • Per pass 

  • For an operation’s entire chem program.

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Which Crops Are Included in AcrePlan? 

Farmers in the U.S. can use AcrePlan to plan chem passes for: 

  • Round-up ready corn

  • Conventional ready corn

  • Enlist E3® soybeans

  • XtendFlex soybeans

  • Conventional soybeans

  • Rice

  • Wheat

  • Cotton

  • Almonds

  • Pistachios

Farmers in Canada can use AcrePlan to plan chem passes for: 

  • Canola

  • Spring wheat

  • Winter wheat

  • Barley

  • Durum

  • Field peas

How to Use AcrePlan 

1. On the AcrePlan page, start by selecting your crop and your application timing. Available pass options include burndown, pre emergence, post emergence, and fungicide and insecticide. 

2. Choose from pre-designed pass plans or custom build your own for each pass above. (You can also skip passes if you do not need to purchase all four options at this time.) 

3. Pick your application rate, timing, and other details from the available options. 

4. Add to your cart and finalize your purchase. (Plus, once you build out your pass selections using AcrePlan, the platform will automatically save your pass plans as Shopping Lists in your account. This enables you to access them later, either when it’s time to spray or time to buy again next season.)

[Learn more about Shopping Lists here.]

Start Using AcrePlan for Your Chem Input Purchases 

AcrePlan helps farmers create their annual chemical program, individualized for their specific practices and chem pass preferences. From fall burndown to fungicide and insecticide plans, you can easily select from and purchase a helpful array of agronomist approved, FBN endorsed passes using the new chem input planning tool.

Farmers in the U.S. can start using AcrePlan by clicking here. 

Farmers in Canada can start using AcrePlan by clicking here. 

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Nov 01, 2023

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