• 2024 Planting Intentions Report

    This report provides survey-based estimates for 2024 acreage across major crops in the US, powered by participation of our members.

  • 2023 FBN Planting Intentions Report

    Planting season usually has a significant impact on agricultural markets. The FBN Planting Intentions Report provides one of the first major survey-based estimates of U.S. farmers' planting intentions for 2023.

  • 2023 Ag Chemical Price Transparency Report

    Transparent pricing is the first step towards fair and competitive input markets for farmers. We analyzed thousands of reported chemical prices to shine a light on ag chemical pricing.

  • FBN U.S. Yield Report, November 2022

    Ahead of the USDA’s final yield report for 2022, learn what FBN is forecasting in our latest member report.

  • Illinois Farmland Values (Fall 2022)

    Learn how data points such as soil quality, land productivity, historical ag yield data and more factor into the State of Illinois Farmland Report 2022.

  • Impacts of the Russia-Ukraine War: Six Months Later

    Analyzing data collected over the past six months of conflict between Russia and Ukraine, this new report looks at the impacts on agricultural trade, markets and global food security and implications for 2023 and beyond.

  • Fall Fertilizer Transparency Report, October 2022

    With fertilizer prices continuing to surge into 2023, FBN has released its first Fertilizer Transparency Report to see how rapidly increasing fertilizer prices will impact farmers’ applications rates this fall and planting decisions next year.

  • FBN U.S. Yield Report, October 2022

    As the 2022 crop season comes to an end, FBN’s model-based yield estimate will shift to actual field observations for US corn and soybean yield prediction.

  • FBN U.S. Yield Report, September 2022

    Ahead of the USDA’s latest Crop Production report on U.S. corn and soybean yield potential, learn what FBN is forecasting in our latest member report.

  • FBN U.S. Yield Report - August 2022

    The first report of FBN's fall series of yield & harvest related reports is a model-based USA corn & soybean yield prediction