Make Extra Money This Crop Season


Technology for Modern Farming

Make your toughest decisions with the confidence of millions of acres of real-world data.

The Network + Analytics = The Future of Farming

What happens when thousands of farmers connect with tens of millions of acres of precision data and the industry’s best analytics? Farming gets better for farmers. This is the farmers’ network, completely independent and unbiased. FBN ® Analytics turn the world into your plot trial to ensure you find the right inputs and fair prices. That’s what democratizing farm data is all about.

Your Farm’s New Multi Tool

Analyze your inputs, soils, yields, and prices while keeping your team and data organized.

Seed & Agronomic Analytics

Turn the world into your plot trial. Find the best seeds, optimize placement and population, instantly identify yield and profit opportunities, benchmark and map every field, all automatically. FBN Analytics puts your precision data to work for you.

Input Price Transparency

Don’t negotiate blind. Price Transparency gives you the upper hand when negotiating with suppliers. See what other farmers are actually paying for the products you use.

Farm & Team Operations

Stay organized, collaborate with your team, and seamlessly convert your precision data into annual farm reports. Turn this season’s planning into a data-driven strategy.

Data Storage & Integration

Farm data made simple. Get unlimited cleaning, storage, and integration of nearly any type of precision ag data. Top it off with automatic conversion to maps, benchmarking, and annual reports.

Working on More Than 23 Crops

Farmers currently use FBN Analytics to analyze and manage more than 23 crops, including corn, wheat, soybeans, sorghum, cotton, rice, canola, barley, oats, pulses, sunflowers, lentils, and peas. Your farm is complex; FBN products can help you simplify it.

Farm Smarter on the Move

FBN on iOS and Android

FBN keeps your farm and team organized on the go. Keep up to date with all your records, shop for inputs, and find locations to sell your crop all in the palm of your hand.

See How FBN Can Help Your Operation Grow