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Data Storage, Integration & Security

Your Farm Data — Simplified

FBN ® Analytics integrate nearly any type of precision data to keep you organized like never before.

Stay Organized, Farm Smarter

The FBN tools organize and analyze your farm data to unlock its true potential. Getting value from farm data shouldn't be hard, and now it isn't.

Many Systems, One Platform

FBN Analytics work with more than 60 precision monitor types and formats. Have an older system? Use multiple precision equipment brands? No problem. Members can have as much historical data from yield, soil test, VRA fertility, chemicals, and planting files analyzed with no acreage fees — add unlimited acres and years of data from your farm at no additional cost.

Seamless Data Transfer with John Deere

MyJohnDeere Operations Center users can link their MyJohnDeere accounts to FBN Analytics for hourly data transfer. Getting set up takes less than two minutes.

Unlimited Storage, Mapping, and Calibration

The FBN Network backs up your raw precision data so you can always access it. Add unlimited GB of files. When you add data, FBN data experts organize, clean, map, and quality check your data and then work with you to ensure your fields, seeds, and yields are correct.

Annual Farm Reports

Your precision data gets automatically turned into annual farm reports and planting summary reports that break out each field's performance. Share these reports with your landlord, banker, or adviser or just always have a record of your year.

Trusted, Safe, and Secure

The FBN Network uses state of the art security protocols to protect your data. Your data is your business, and that is taken incredibly seriously. FBN Analytics are trusted by thousands of America’s most elite farmers, advisers, and landowners. The FBN Network was created to empower farmers with objective information and we never sell your data. Democratizing information means our members can always see the aggregated and anonymous analytics -- no hidden agendas or funny business involved.
"Here’s something that collects it and puts it together in a format that you can actually use and get something out of it. And so, at first it was like, I’m not really sure what all FBN is going to put together and what they can use out of it. Once I started looking at it, I thought, "Oh, this is what I was kind of hoping, kind of anticipating it would do." I was looking for something that would take this data, wash it out, and put it together with other stuff and tell me this is what your data is for, this is what your data’s telling you."

Pat Freese

Minnesota Farmer

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