Entomosporium Leaf Spot

Every product that labels ENTOMOSPORIUM LEAF SPOT as a weed, pest, or disease the product can be applied against is shown below. Click any product for label and more information.
26/36® Fungicide3336® EG3336® F3336® WPA-Zox 50WDGAviv™AzoxyStar®Azoxystrobin SCBacixBadge® SCBadge® SCBadge® SCBadge® X2Badge® X2Badge® X2Bayleton® FloCarb-O-Nator®Cease®Champion® Wettable PowderCOC DFConcert®Concert® IICopper-Count®-NCuprofix® Ultra 40 Disperss®Cuproxat® FLCuproxat® Flowable Copper FungicideDaconil Ultrex® Turf Care®Daconil Weatherstik®Daconil® WeatherStik®Dexter® SCDithane® 75DF Rainshield® Specialty FungicideDocket® DFDocket® WSDornic™ 720 FDovetail®Eagle® 20EW Specialty FungicideEagle® 40WP Specialty FungicideEnsign® 720 Flowable FungicideEnsign® 82.5% Turf And OrnamentalFore® 80WP Rainshield® Specialty FungicideFungo® FloHeritage® FungicideIncognito® 85 WDGInsignia® fungicideInsignia® SC Intrinsic® brand fungicideKentan® DFKocide® 2000Kocide® 2000-OKOP-Hydroxide™KOP-Hydroxide™ 50WKoverall® FungicideKoverall® FungicideMural™Nordox®Nordox® 75 WGNu-Cop 50 WPNu-Cop® 3LNu-Cop® 50DFNu-Cop® HBNufarm TM + IP SPCPegasus® 6LPhoenix Pegasus® 6LPhoenix Pegasus™ DFXPhoenix Pegasus™ HPXPhoenix Siskin®Phoenix T-Bird® 4.5LPrevia®Procon-Z™ FungicidePropiconazole 1.3 ME T&OPropiconazole 3.6 EC FungicidePropicure 3.6FRally® 40WSP FungicideRhapsody®Spectro® 90 WDGT-Bird® 4.5LTalaris™ 50 WSPTM 4.5F Select™Topaz® FungicideTriathlon® BAVigilWillowood Propicon 3.6EC