Sixspotted Mite

Every product that labels SIXSPOTTED MITE as a weed, pest, or disease the product can be applied against is shown below. Click any product for label and more information.
80% Micronized Wettable SulfurAcoidalAcramite® 50WSAcramite®-4SCAcramite®-50WSAuron™ 80 DFAuron™ DFBanter® SCBanter® WDGBen-Sul 85Bifenamite 4SCBifenamite 50 WDGBizate™ 4SCBizate™ 50WDGClever™ 50 DFComite®Comite®Comite® IIComite® IICosavet® DFCosavet® DF EdgeDecimiteDicofol 4-E MiticideDusting SulfurDusting SulfurDusting Sulfur FungicideEnaru™ Miticide/InsecticideEnervate™ 4 SCEnervate™ 50 WSBEngulf™ GHNEnvidor® 2 SCEnvidor® 2 SCEnvidor® CAEnvidor® CAFujimite® 20SC Miticide/InsecticideFujiMite® SC Miticide/InsecticideGolden Micronized SulfurGrandevo®Grandevo® CGGrandevo® WDGHexamite™Hexy 1EIAP Dusting SulfurIntegro Magic Sulfur DustIntegro Magnetic Sulfur DustKanemite® 15 SCKumulus® DFKumulus® DFMicro Sulf®Microthiol® Disperss®Microthi™ 80WDGMiteus®Mitomax® IINexter® Miticide/InsecticideNexter® SC Miticide/InsecticideOnager Optek™Onager® EW MiticideOnager® MiticidePortal® Miticide/InsecticidePortal® XLO Miticide/InsecticideProneva ECRequiem® ECRuger™ 1 ECSanmite® SC Miticide/InsecticideSavey® 50 DFSpecial Electric® Dusting SulfurSpray SulfurSuffa®Sulfur 6 LSulfur 80 WDGSulfur 90WSulfur Dry FlowableSulfur® DFThiolux®Tyoga™ Miticide/InsecticideVenerate® CGVenerate® XCVenerate™Victimite™Vigilant® 4SCWettable SulfurWilbur-Ellis Dusting SulfurWillowood Bifenazate 50WDGWrath® InsecticideYellow Jacket Flowable SulfurYellow Jacket Special Dusting Sulfur