Multiple Catch Mousetrap with Clear Lid
Kness Manufacturing Company, Inc.

Multiple Catch Mousetrap with Clear Lid


$14.20 ($14.20/each)

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Product details

Place trap flush with entrance holes next to wall near pest activity. Place optional glue trap inside the Pro-Ketch® for an additional scent lure. To release, simply open the top of the Pro-Ketch® over desired area and let mouse slide out. Wipe or brush trap to clean.

Clear View Lid
  • Easy to monitor.

  • Reduces inspection time.

Durable Galvanized Steel
  • Quality construction.

  • Years of dependable service.

Monitors Insects and Rodent Activity
  • Multipurpose usage.

  • Identifies problem areas.

  • Insert glue board to monitor insects.

No Winding or Resetting
  • Trap is always set, giving you peace of mind knowing you have protection.

  • Fast placement. Worry free.

All-In-One Hinged Lid
  • Easier to clean for maximum sanitation.

  • Entrance tunnels are out of the way and off the floor of the trap.

  • Reduces service time.

Unique Design
  • No harmful chemicals, baits or poisons.

  • Safe for user and our environment.

  • May be used in USDA and FDA inspected facilities.