Starbar Fly Attractant Refill
Wellmark International

Starbar® Fly Trap Attractant Refill, 8 Count

Category: Insecticides, Big Order Discount Eligible

Active Ingredient(s): z-9-tricosene; inedible whole egg solids; trimethylamine; indole; sucrose


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An exclusive formula containing four different attractants flies can’t resist, conveniently placed in a water soluble pouch format. It can be used with Fly Terminator® Pro, Captivator® Fly Trap and other reusable water-based traps. Each package contains eight 30 gm water soluble pouches.

Catches filth breeding flies such as house flies, blow flies, flesh flies, blue and green bottle flies, dump flies and dung flies.

Starbar® is a registered trademark of Wellmark International