Get Rewarded for Regenerative Ag Practices

Qualifying farmers can earn a .5% interest rate rebate* from FBN® Finance

FBN® Regenerative Agriculture Operating Line

Regenerative agriculture not only plays a key role in optimizing soil health and maximizing crop yield, but it can also reduce farm costs and ensure long-term farmland value for future generations. 

At FBN, we believe that farmers’ forward thinking and proactive ag management should be rewarded. 

Eligible farmers can qualify for a 0.5% interest payment rebate* on an approved Regenerative Agriculture Finance Operating Line from FBN Finance. After sharing data to validate program requirements at the end of the growing season and repaying their Operating Line, participating farmers will receive an interest payment rebate check. 

The program is one of the first U.S. agricultural financing initiatives to incentivize farmers to implement regenerative ag practices.

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How to Apply for the Program

Applying for the Regenerative Agriculture Finance Operating Line is straightforward. To begin, simply fill out the form on this page to begin the application process with a member of our team and then complete a brief phone consultation to confirm your eligibility.
Enrollment Details

Regenerative Agriculture Finance Operating Line Requirements

1. Crop Eligibility: Farmers must grow some corn, soybeans, and/or wheat.

2. Soil Sampling: Farmers must show evidence of soil sampling conducted on all acres at least once every 4 years at a minimum of 10-acre density.

3. Soil Health Practices: At least 70% of farmed acres must exhibit 1+ of the following practices:

  • No-till or reduced till resulting in minimal soil disturbance

  • Live roots (cash crop, cover crop, and/or perennials) in the soil for a minimum of 70% of the year

  • Other regionally appropriate soil conservation practices as outlined in NRCS standards (e.g. riparian buffers, wind breaks) and approved by FBN.

4. N Balance Safe Zone: 80% of fields must achieve an Environmental Defense Fund N balance score between 25-75 lbs or meet other nitrogen efficiency criteria as defined by FBN and EDF.

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FBN Regenerative Agriculture Operating Line FAQs

N balance is the nitrogen added to a farm field minus nitrogen removed during harvest. N balance is widely accepted by scientists as the preferred metric for measuring the risk of nitrogen losses to the environment, reflecting impacts on both climate and water quality. The N balance safe zone is a range of scores in which a farmer is optimizing yields, minimizing excess nutrients and protecting long-term soil health.

The environmental eligibility requirements were developed by the Environmental Defense Fund. The criteria are designed to be inclusive of farmers who grow corn, soy, and wheat in a variety of geographies and implement a variety of regenerative practices.

No. Today, this product is strictly designed to reward farmers using regenerative practices. Farmers receiving the rebate can participate in other ecosystem services markets without any ‘double counting’ risk. (Always check other program rules and participation requirements.)

NRCS and other programs can be combined with this program. We encourage farmers to apply for conservation funding to help finance regenerative practices.

Farmers are required to submit field boundaries, yield data, and additional data on farming practices used such as fertilizer applications, tillage, cover cropping, and other conservation practices. Supplying precision files is the easiest way to meet most of the data submission requirements for these activities. Additional information will be collected through a survey and backed up with additional records for validation, as needed.

Wherever possible, precision data should be used for production practices, which will save time for both the farmer and FBN. Any non-precision data shall be shared with FBN’s Sustainability Program Leads directly by phone. Data submission typically takes less than an hour to complete.

The line of credit is meant to cover standard operating expenses that are tied to the production of the crop or the livestock. This includes inputs, rent, and other operating expenses, subject to certain exception and limitations. This loan is not limited to expenses associated with regenerative activities.

Revolving ($100,000 - $5,000,000). The required lien priority of interest taken in collateral, including crops, crop proceeds, and crop insurance, will depend on amount of credit, and will include an assignment of federal crop insurance indemnity.

Both fixed and variable rate options are available.


For Crop Year 2024, all repayments will be due March 1, 2025, regardless of line of credit size.

We have the ability to extend the line of credit to account for marketing opportunities, depending on the circumstances.

Advances will be made pursuant to requests in which funds will be electronically transferred.

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