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Seed & Agronomic Analytics

See Your Farm in a Whole New Way

FBN ® Analytics reveal profitable insights about your farm and turns the world into your plot trial.

Your Data + Network Analytics = Better Decisions

FBN Analytics unlock the value of your precision data and helps you discover what's affecting your yields and ways to increase profits.

FBN Seed Finder

FBN Seed Finder gives you access to the largest seed performance database in agriculture, powered by millions of acres of real yields — all farmer driven, totally independent, and unbiased.
  • Review yield performance profiles on more than 1,800 seeds from 110 brands
  • Explore real-world responses to population, nitrogen, rotation, irrigation, precipitation, planting speed, and more
  • Find the best seeds for your soil types, drainage, and irrigation status and get automated field-seed matching


See how your yields really stack up by benchmarking against thousands of other advanced farmers. This is not just field benchmarking; it is yield diagnostics in action.
  • Evaluate each field on more than 12 factors
  • Compare yields by nitrogen application, population, rainfall, hybrids, soil quality, rotation, tillage, and more
  • Measure yourself to similar farms in your county, region, or nationally and even against other dry-land or irrigated fields

FBN Maps & Yield Analytics

With FBN Maps & Yield Analytics, you can start to see what's really driving your yields. Your precision data is automatically converted into yield response analysis and lighting-fast mapping.
  • Analyze your yield response to population, planting speed, elevation, soil quality, precipitation, crop rotation, and tillage
  • Get more than 12 precision maps, including soil, yield, and FBN Prescription Accuracy and Dry-Down Percent, for unlimited acres and years of data
  • Easily compare and overlay any two maps with Swipe View

A Comprehensive Profit-Enhancing System

  • Yield Potential

    Find the best seeds for your fields
  • Seed by Soil Performance

    Learn which seed performs best in what soil
  • Soil Profiles

    Explore soil rankings, distributions, and top-yielding seeds
  • Cultural Practices

    Field yield response for population, planting speed, soil quality, tillage, and more
  • Field Weather

    Track daily precipitation, temperature, and GDUs
  • Soil Temperature Maps

    Daily soil temperature updates for all your fields
  • Annual Farm Reports

    Get reports on planting, soil nutrients, genetics, irrigation, and price analysis
  • Field Costs

    Match invoices to precision data for evaluating input costs
  • Input ROI

    Discover the true price-to-performance of your seeds and find your profit champions
"Farmers Business Network is starting to do it in a way that I haven’t seen yet that makes the most sense. Real-world, broad-acre information, across many different geographies, that show the impact of many different rates of seed, fertilizer, and chemicals, to try and get that right combination for every field every year, so we’re maximizing returns every year on every acre...It’s having the information to make those decisions and make them pay. We get one shot every year, so it’s important to make it count."

Ben Pederson

Iowa Farmer

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