Every product that labels CARMINE SPIDER MITE as a weed, pest, or disease the product can be applied against is shown below. Click any product for label and more information.
Abacus® Miticide/InsecticideAbacus® VAbamex™ Miticide/InsecticideAbba Ultra® Miticide/InsecticideAbba® 0.15Abba® 0.15 ECAgMectin® 0.15 ECAgri-Mek® 0.15 EC Miticide/InsecticideAgri-Mek® SC Miticide/InsecticideArdent™ 0.15 EC Miticide/InsecticideArgyle™ ODAthena™ InsecticideAvid® 0.15 ECBatallion™ 2 ECBi-Dash 2EBidrin® XP IIBifen 2 AG GoldBifender® FC InsecticideBifenthrin 2EC InsecticideBifenture® 10DFBifenture® ECBifenture® LFCBorrada™BotaniGard® MaxxBrigade® 2ECBrigade® WSB InsecticideCapture® 2EC-CALCapture® LFRClever™ 50 DFCosavet® DFCosavet® DF EdgeCygon™ LVDimate 4EDimethoate 2.67Dimethoate 4 EDimethoate 400Dimethoate 400 ECDimethoate 4ECDimethoate LV-4Discipline® 2ECDiscipline® CAEnvidor® 2 SCEnvidor® CAEpi-Mek® 0.15 ECEthos® XB Insecticide/FungicideFanfare® 2ECFanfare® ECFanfare® ESFrenzy AttackFrenzy VelozFujiMite® 5EC Miticide/InsecticideFujiMite® SC Miticide/InsecticideFujimite® XLOGladiator® Insecticide/MiticideHero® EWHero® InsecticideHexamite™Hexy 1EHexy 2ELucid® Ornamental Miticide/InsecticideMagister® SCMatch-Up™ InsecticideMinecto® ProMinx Miticide/InsecticideMinx™ 2 Miticide/InsecticideMiteus®Nealta® miticideNufarm Abamectin 0.15 EC InsecticideNufarm Abamectin SPC 0.15 EC InsecticideObelisk™Oberon® 2 SCOberon® 4 SCOnager Optek™Onager® EW MiticideOnager® MiticidePhoenix Merlin™Portal® Miticide/InsecticidePortal® XLO Miticide/InsecticideReaper® 0.15 ECReaper® AdvanceReaper® ClearForm® (Caution)Reaper® ClearForm® (Warning)Reveal® Endurx™Revere® 2.0Ruckus™ LFR® InsecticideRuger™ 1 ECSkyraider™SlugbugSniper®Sniper® Helios®Sniper® LFR®Steed™ InsecticideSulfur 90WSultan™ miticideTailgunner™Tepera® PlusThiolux®Tide Timectin™ 0.15 EC Ag Insecticide/MiticideTundra® EC (1381-196)Tundra® SupremeUltiflora®Vendex® 50WPVoltage™ EndurxWillowood Abamectin 0.15ECWillowood Abamectin 0.15LVWillowood Abamectin 0.7SCZara™ SCZara™ WSBZeal® Miticide¹Zeal® SC MiticideZeal® WDG MiticideZoro® Miticide/Insecticide
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