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Every product that labels GLUME BLOTCH as a weed, pest, or disease the product can be applied against is shown below. Click any product for label and more information.
Absolute® 500 SCAdastrio™Aframe™ PlusAproach®Aproach® PrimaAquila™ XLArysta Propiconazole 41.8 EC FungicideAvaris® 2XSAvaris™ FungicideAzoxy TebAZterknot®AZteroid® FCAZteroid® FC 3.3Azure™ Xtra FungicideBadge® SCBadge® X2Badge® X2Bravo Ultrex®Bravo Weather Stik®Bumper®Bumper® ESCatamaran®Cercos™ FungicideChloronil® 720Chlorothalonil 720Chlorothalonil 82.5DF SelectChlorothalonil-ZnCover XL (Agri Star)Crossover® ProCueva® Fungicide ConcentrateCustodia®Delaro® 325 SC FungicideEcho® 720 Agricultural FungicideEcho® 90DF Agricultural FungicideEcho® Zn Agricultural FungicideEluvium™Equus® 500 ZNEquus® 720 SSTEquus® DFGCS AzoxypropGCS Tebustrobin SCHelmstar Plus SCInitiate® 720 Flowable FungicideInitiate® ZNInstill™Kocide® 2000Kocide® 2000-OKocide® 3000-OMagistrate™ManKocide®Marazo™MiCrop™ FungicideMiravis® AceMiricell™Omni® Brand Chlorothalonil 720SCOmni® Brand Propiconazole 41.8% ECOranil™ 6LPeriapt™PPZ 41.8 SelectPraiz® NGPraiz™PropazPropi-Star® ECPropicure 3.6FPropiczone FungicidePropiMax® EC FungicideProtegam® YLDProzio™ SCRialto™ 720 FRustEaseShar-Shield PPZSlant™Slant™ ECStratego® YLDTarian™TebazTide Propiconazole 41.8% EC FungicideTopaz® FungicideTopguard® FungicideTrevo® PTrivapro® FungicideTrivapro™ BVabro™Willowood Propicon 3.6ECWillowood Tebustrobin SCXiphosin™