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Every product that labels HUMIC ACID as a weed, pest, or disease the product can be applied against is shown below. Click any product for label and more information.
Annuity™Baccarat®Brandt® 10-5-30 MicroBrandt® MonoPlex® CopperBrandt® MonoPlex® IronBrandt® MonoPlex® ManganeseBrandt® MonoPlex® MixBrandt® MonoPlex® ZincCHB Premium 21 1-0-1Foli-Gro® 8-31-5Gravity® L Humic Base 0-0-1Humic 600Intelliphos® 833 8-3-3Leaf Life® Soil MaximixerLink® 24-0-2Link® Deep Root with Link Quality® 10-5-10Link® Deep Root with Link Quality™ Plus 10-10-10Link® Desert 3 30-0-0Link® Fe5 7-0-0Link® Los Altos 12-0-4Nutrio® Biosoak® 0-0-1Nutrio™ High Gear 3-0-0Organic TRIGGRR® 0-0-1Pelletized Lime Plus Humic AcidspHor-Ti-Phy 5-25-5Pro-Mate Throw-Paks 3-1-1Puric® Prime 1-0-2Puric® Zinc Prime 3-0-2Puric® 0-0-2Puric® Salute®Puric® Salute® 0-0-3Puric® WSG Max 0-0-12Puric™ MaxPuric™ Max SB 10-0-0Puric™ Prime Max 1-0-2Puric™ SB 10-0-0Puric™ Zinc Prime Max 3-0-2RNA 3% Liquid Humic Acid ExtractRNA 6% Humic AcidRNA 6% Solid Humic Acid ExtractRNA Perigee™RNA Perigee™ 1-0-2RNA Perigee™ FRRNA Perigee™ MaxRNA Perigee™ Max 1-0-2RNA Perigee™ Max FR 1-0-2RNA Perigee™ Max SBRNA Perigee™ SBTill-It® 12% Humic AcidTill-It® 40% Humic AcidTill-It® 6% Humic AcidTill-It® 70% Humic AcidTill-It® Backbone® CA 7-21-0Till-It® Backbone® Live 7-21-0Till-It® Backbone® Plus OR 7-21-1Till-It® Trifecta 6-18-6Till-It® Wired™ Phos 9-43-0Wil-Gro® All Around Plus 24-0-8Wilbur-Ellis 6-18-6 Christmas ValleyWilbur-Ellis BioSoak 0-0-1Wilbur-Ellis BioSoak 2015 0-0-1